YogaBellies for Mum and Baby


 yogaYogaBellies® for Mum & Baby classes are launching in Northwood Hills at The Body Studio.

Our unique YogaBellies® for Mum & Baby sessions incorporate traditional yoga asanas (postures) adapted for post partum mum and some for baby too.

While most post natal yoga classes either focus solely on mum (with baby stuck in their buggy) or offer baby yoga alone (with no physical benefits for mum), Yoga Bellies for Mum & Baby combine BOTH post natal and baby yoga, to ensure both mum and baby leave the class feeling stretched, revived and relaxed.

yoga2Our gorgeous YogaBellies® for Mum & Baby classes last around an hour and involve yoga for mum, yoga for baby and some lovely deep relaxation together followed by the most important part, tea and biscuits!

All of the postures can be practised with or without your baby, depending on how you prefer to focus, and depending on how baby feels.

Sometimes our classes are quiet and sometimes there is crying and that’s fine too.

Sometimes the babies are full of fun and sometimes they just want to snuggle up to mummy and feed.

The key thing to remember is that there is no pressure on you or baby and you can just take the class at your own pace.

A typical YogaBellies® for Mum & Baby session includes baby stretches to take small bodies through a full range of movement which often astonishes (and inspires) their mums including incorporating baby massage; breathing and focused yoga postures for the mums, and postures-for-two to give mums and babies new ways to relate to each other.

For mummies, we focus on gently working the abdominal muscles, slowly getting mummy back to pre-baby shape and helping to build strength, stamina and fitness.

If you are interested in coming along to YogaBellies® for Mum & Baby Classes please contact:


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