World’s oldest Cockatiel flies into the record books after celebrating its 30th birthday

Farida Miah with her pet Pia the 30 year old cockatiel
Farida Miah with her pet Pia the 30 year old cockatiel

A pet bird celebrating its 30th birthday today is set to fly into the record books after his owner discovered he is the world’s oldest – COCKATIEL

The bird – called Pia – still has bright yellow and white plumage despite its relatively old age.

But like many OAPs the sprightly creature is going blind, is slightly bald – and sleeps all day.

Farida Miah with her pet Pia the 30 year old cockatiel
Farida Miah with her pet Pia the 30 year old cockatiel

Owner Farida Miah, 55, was just 25 when she was given the newly hatched bird as a present for her then five-year-old son on March 14, 1984.

But Farida was stunned to discover he is the oldest cockatiel in the world after the previous record holder died aged 28.

Mum-of-two Farida, of Orpington, Kent, puts his remarkable longevity down to being from a loving home and getting lots of attention.

She said: “A neighbour who used to breed them gave him to me when he was born.

He’s turned 30, I can’t believe how much time has flown.

“Pia’s aging pretty well – he can still fly around which is great. He’s very friendly – part of the family. Pia’s very special to me.”

Pia is now blind in one eye and sleeps for most of the day, but he can still fly around the room, and enjoys regular trips outside so he can fly in the garden.

The Guinness Book of World Records says the previous holder of the honour, Pretty Boy, from the USA, passed was aged 28 years and 47 days.

Cockatiels are native to Australia and relatives of the cockatoo.

They are the second most popular bird in Britain behind budgies, and the typical cockatiel will live to about 18 years old.


  1. I challenge it. My bird Jasper is over 30 years old with a very real possibility that he’s about 34 – 36 years old. I’ve had him since 1985 when he flew to my house. I found his prior owner that had him for 2 years and got him from someone that had him for a few years before him. Jasper was most likely born around 1978 – 1980. I can account for my years of having him and I can account for the years that the prior owner had him, which would count for at least 32 years. Mine can no longer fly and he is blind from age, but other than that, he’s completely healthy. He still sings, makes kissy faces, etc.

  2. I was at a swap meet back in the summer of 1986 and a guy was selling birds…there was a beautiful male white cockatiel and a grey female. He was kind of a loud obnoxious bird and never seemed to like his own species..over the years I bought two more cockatiels for company…never liked them..eventually they died and I had a lone male parakeet who he did like spent years with him…then he died…his favorite companion for the last two years is a female white dove I found outside…he’s very happy with her…she’s laid eggs and he sits on the eggs during the day and she sits on the eggs at night…anyways he’s now over 28 years old…when I bought him, Jack was full grown…I can’t believe I still have this bird…I never would have imagined he’d live this long…I’m sure the eggs won’t hatch…or there maybe some strange looking white birds…..

  3. Needs to actually read the guiness book before making claims as currently acknowledged as one that’s 32 in California.

  4. Peter says: Pleased to hear about the longevity of other cockatiels, and pleased to add that my grey cock cockatiel is 34 years old, which is ringed, and has spent his life in a large outdoor aviary with a selection of other different bird breeds. Only recently I have brought him into the conservatory as his flying days were over. ‘Cocky’ has always been fiercely independent, and is happily doing well, and whistling in response to other birds in the garden.

  5. My cockatiel “Jimmy”
    Was bought by my late husband, he got him Christmas in 1983 he was 6 months. So he will be 32 in June he has very bright eyes and plumage is good as it has ever been. I live in holbeach Spalding Lincolnshire

  6. My “Barney” hatched in the spring of 1986. He is partially bald and can no longer fly and sleeps the majority of the day but is still by my side in 2017. That makes him 31.


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