World’s most expensive Land Rover goes on sale for £750,000… complete with crystals, wagon wheel and a giant TONGUE


The world’s most expensive Land Rover has gone on sale for a whopping £750,000 with the bizarre creation coming complete with crystals, a wagon wheel and giant TONGUE.

Land Rover’s Defender is one of the world’s most unmistakable vehicles and has been built by the British firm for the past 65 years.

But with production of the iconic model coming to an end an art studio decided they would honour the off-roader with their own unique take on it.

Instead of being a mud-plugging farm vehicle, ‘Studio Job’ took a flamboyant approach to the Land Rover which they admitted “got out of hand”.

A spokesman for studio Job said: “The Land Rover has been dissected and interpreted, ridiculed and celebrated, laden with stories and adorned with a variety of materials.”

As a result, it now has curtains, a sex cake hub cap, a gilded rhino horn on the bonnet and a giant tongue coming out of the grille.

The car still has its engine but driving it would be “anything from comfortable” because it uses normal wheels and and one aluminium wheel.

Furthermore its windows are made out of stained glass.

Dutch/Belgian artists Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel were the brains behind the Land Rover by Studio Job, which was constructed at their workshop in Netherlands.

Job said: “The Land Rover Defender is an emotionally charged icon. On the one hand it is the car that is used in Africa as an ambulance, taxi or agriculture machine.

“On the other hand it is also the Chelsea Tractor that pampered ladies use to drop their children off at the hockey club.

“It’s used as a fire truck and it’s the Queen of England’s favourite automobile.

“So, it’s a very diverse vehicle. We’ve approached that golden carriage in our own way.”

Under the rhino horn-covered bonnet of the Land Rover is its standard 2.2-litre diesel engine while the interior has an oak floor, stone headrest, sand timer and a crate of super-strong Duvel beer.

Job decided to go wild with his creation, which took two years to creat and is now for sale for £750,000.

He added: “It all got totally out of hand. The moment that black lady entered our workshop, inspiration started to flow out of our ears. One idea after another.

“This Land Rover had to cross the world of Studio Job, dig up her own past and also take with her the most exotic and conflicting elements of the African continent on her freaky journey.

“The numerous elements kept accumulating. The car literally sticks its tongue out. It wants to be something that it actually isn’t.”


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