Women spend £259 getting ready for their work Christmas party

Woman spend £259 getting ready for the work Christmas party (Kris Kesiak Photography / Foter / CC BY-NC)
Woman spend £259 getting ready for the work Christmas party (Kris Kesiak Photography / Foter / CC BY-NC)

The average woman spends £259 getting ready for their work Christmas party, research revealed.

A study of 2,000 women detailed the time and effort put into looking good for the office do, with preparation kicking in around three weeks before the big event.

Making extra efforts at gym classes, new make-up and a fresh haircut all added £75 onto the bill.

Woman spend £259 getting ready for the work Christmas party (Kris Kesiak Photography / Foter / CC BY-NC)
Woman spend £259 getting ready for the work Christmas party (Kris Kesiak Photography / Foter / CC BY-NC)

A further £99 will go on a new pair of shoes and matching accessories, as well as a manicure and a spray tan.

The research, commissioned by the Manchester Arndale, found many women will even buy multiple outfits before finally committing to their festive look.

Debs Hatfield, Personal Stylist at Manchester Arndale, said: ”Often there is more pressure to look good at work social events than if you were going out with friends.

”For many women it will be the only time their superiors will see them out of office attire or uniform, which can cause them to stress over setting the right impression.

”Little treats such as a manicure, spray tan and haircut can be great confidence boosters for a big event.

”But it’s important to remember that a party is for having fun, so women should forget comparing themselves to others and wear an outfit they feel comfortable in.”

The study also showed 57 per cent of women feel competition to look glam at the Christmas party, with almost four in ten who said it’s one of the biggest events in their social calendar.

Amazingly, almost four in ten said there is more pressure to look good in front of colleagues than there is buying gifts.

So it’s no surprise over half said they ‘go all out’ when winter comes around and start preparing an average of three weeks in advance.

Weeks ahead of the occasion, almost a quarter will start researching dazzling looks online, one in two will start dress-shopping and 17 per cent begin a healthy eating regime.

According to the poll, a typical woman will try on four outfits before bagging a dress costing £40.

But despite having an outfit sorted, an impulsive four in ten will buy another if it catches their eye – with the average ‘multi-buyer’ taking home around three dresses before finally choosing a winner.

Fear of being tagged in Facebook photos spurs almost one in five to spruce up more than usual, whilst four in ten said making an effort helps them feel comfortable with female colleagues.

Romance is on the cards for a hopeful one in ten who confessed to going the extra mile in order to impress an office crush.

But the majority (42 per cent) of women polled said they just like having an excuse to get dressed up.

Sadly, a significant 37 per cent said they felt jealous of how great someone looked at the work party, whilst many admitted this spurred them to spend more on their appearance the next year.

Almost half expressed resentment at having to make so much effort at the work social, but feel they have to due to fears they may be judged by superiors.

A quarter said they wished it didn’t cost so much to look good, with the same amount confessing they spend more money on party preparation than they do on presents for family and friends.

Debs Hatfield added: ”It’s easy to get carried away when it comes to Christmas, particularly when it brings around the biggest party of the year.

”Taking your time and shopping in advance can ensure you find the perfect look for you without panic buying or wasting your money.”


Dress £40
Shoes £31
Accessories £22
Underwear £23
Makeup £19
Haircut £29
Gym sessions £27
Wax £22
pedicure £25
Spray tan£21


TOTAL £259


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