Home News Women begin feeling invisible to men ‘when they turn 51’

Women begin feeling invisible to men ‘when they turn 51’

Women feel invisible to the opposite sex at the age of 51, researchers found
Women feel invisible to the opposite sex at the age of 51, researchers found (file picture / Foter / Ed Yourdon )
Women feel invisible to the opposite sex at the age of 51, researchers found
Women feel invisible to the opposite sex at the age of 51, researchers found (file picture / Foter / Ed Yourdon )

Women feel invisible to the opposite sex at the age of 51, it emerged yesterday.

A detailed study of 2,000 women revealed a large percentage felt they no longer received the level of attention they once did after hitting 51.

Many even went as far as to admit they felt ‘ignored’.

The women claimed their confidence plummeted after hitting 50 and blamed greying hair, having to to wear glasses or even struggling to find fashionable clothes.

The lifestyle study, commissioned by herbal remedies company, A.Vogel, also found more than two thirds of women over 45 had walked into a room and felt ‘completely unnoticed’ by the opposite sex.

More than half said they felt ‘left on the shelf’ and that they’d been ‘judged negatively’  because of their age.

Health expert Eileen Durward, who provides advice and support to women through the A.Vogel website and helpline, said: ”The results show a worrying decline in confidence and self-worth in women when faced with the prospect of growing older.

”The world can feel very geared toward appreciating younger women, leaving those of a certain age to feel neglected or less worthy.

“These women are not invisible and neither are their concerns.

”They are often the driving engine behind many a family, juggling careers, looking after older relatives and bringing up children.

”All the while dealing with the ageing process and changes brought on by the menopause.

”They need to be supported, not made to feel washed up.”

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The study also found just 15 per cent of women over 45 could claim they had high or very high confidence while, sadly, nearly half described themselves as not very confident at all.

The biggest reason for a decline in self-belief was the feeling that their image had deteriorated.

A dejected four in ten said not getting attention from men like they used to was a factor, more than half had felt intimidated by the presence of younger women at a social event.

A concerned six in ten of the 2,000 studied felt modern life is geared toward a focus on younger women while 46 per cent thought that a lot of what older women go through wasn’t seen or spoken about.

The research also examined the effect the menopause has on women’s confidence as they age.

The results showed around one in five who had experienced menopausal symptoms had difficulty in finding answers to the questions they had about the changes they were facing.

In fact, only 13 per cent felt women were well supported in the lead up to the menopause.

The research, which also involved 500 men, showed many have a ‘head in the sand’ approach to the menopause.

Eileen Durward, who is also an expert on menopause, added: ”Women need to know they are not alone and there are things they can do to help themselves.

“Hot flushes are a good example of something that can have a real impact on confidence, especially in social situations or at work.

”Many women don’t realise that simple steps, like breathing slowly or taking a herbal remedy containing sage, can provide relief.”

For further information on dealing with the menopause visit the A.Vogel Menopause Health Hub:  www.avogel.co.uk/health/menopause/


  1. So after 50 years of being catered to by men and being able to pick and choose between them, the power of their beauty has faded, and now they feel “left on the shelf”. they actually have to develop a decent personality, and actually be nice to people. How sad.

      • @Anonymous,

        Obviously you can’t read. He is stating that the reason they didn’t get married is because they didn’t HAVE to develop a personality because they could rely on their looks and now if they want marriage the personality is just lacking. He said nothing about them being exclusive.

    • This is a scripted talking point from some “men’s” sites – that women can have who they want, whenever they want. It would behoove all people, young, old, female, male to develop a personality, avoid being bitter, don’t carry baggage, and take care of your physical, mental, and spiritual sides.

  2. Who cares? Past 30 you’ve lost your prime anyways. Stop ignoring basic human biology. No amount of Feminism is going to change biology.

  3. did it really require a study to tell us the obvious? Of course they feel invisible. they’re old and not attractive to men.

    • I think your so wrong. yes you may say ugly, but not to everyone, I’m more turned on by older mature ladies, than younger pretty dolly birds. we are all different , you get pretty & ugly young girls, as well as old , fat thin, in all age groups.

    • Yep… Women need to learn when they are in their 30’s they need to target men who are in their 60’s. I’m 50 and still bed women 18-25, why? Because I can… Of course, I would never buy into the non-sense called Marriage in the west – better to head to an Asian country and shack up with a couple of sweet young things who will see to my needs.

      • Men age like wine while women age like beer: everyone loves a vintage wine but no one in their right mind wants an old beer.

      • I love marriage: I have a wonderful 63 year old wife whom I don’t deserve, 5 kids, and 3 grandkids. As far as my needs go…let’s say they are more than merely “seen to.”

  4. This is awful. I can’t believe people actually think this is a serious issue. Feeling unnoticed when they enter a room… what else do they expect! Men feel this way their entire lives.

    • Finally somebody says it. As if they expect someone to find their decrepit bodies attractive, now you have to do things for yourself. By the way I think it probably starts at 38 – 40.

      • I am in my mid 50s and I still get a great deal of attention from men and women.
        It’s the vibrations you give off that makes it or breaks it. I feel beautiful and attractive. Now if you are 51 and still want attention from someone 31 or 21 then you are seeking disappointment. Younger women aren’t seeking 50 something men either…they will take their gifts and money but who needs that. If you are a beautiful person it shines no matter what your age.

      • Talk about liking being cruel…. You are one seriously messed up individual…. I think you need to see a psychologist, about your mental attitude towards women in general, not just older women…… You’re a carbuncle on the backside of humanity….

  5. It must really be hard for those women to be treated like a normal human being after they lost their sexual marketvalue. Welcome to reality ladies. Most men feel like this their whole life.

  6. 16-28. That is THE time period women are most attractive. Even beautiful +30 women are just a fragment of what they once looked like. This is sweet revenge for the dismissive behavior of former young women. She had years of attracting a good serious partner. And the rejected dozens of them. She ends up alone, complaining there are no good men. Only able to get one night stands and men using her for what is convenient.

  7. “Women feel invisible to the opposite sex at the age of 51…”
    “Many even went as far as to admit they felt ‘ignored’.”

    Gee, just the same way I’ve felt since I can remember — first when I was in my teens, and EVER SINCE THEN. (Of course, since I’m a man it was just my tough luck and “I should get used to it”.) It is truly amazing how these “strong”, “independent” Modern Womyn who pride themselves about being so much more ‘intelligent’ and ‘intuitive’ than men, become so concerned about their confidence and self-worth when their sex appeal fades, and they are forced to live on their humanity alone.

    Welcome to my world.

  8. Not at 51, it starts in their thirties. A lot of women I used to know when they were in their late teens and twenties were attractive and had good bodies. But after a decade or more of parting at most weekends and having various boyfriends and smoking and drinking and bad food, they are now looking worn, haggard, some are even developing masculine features. Some look 10 years older than they actually are and yet, they still think they are as pretty as they were at 18-29. They never took real good care of themselves when they were younger and took their youth for granted.

    This does not apply to every women I know. Some women didn’t party hard and were more introverts, like myself, and these women actually look years younger than the extroverted women. These women have taken good care of themselves physically and mentally. Unfortunately these women are far few and between.

    • I’m 51 and I take care of my body… I run and workout five times s week….I don’t even get sick…I still get attention from men but what matters is that a person has a good personality. People think I’m younger than what I am. I exercise to stay healthy mentality and physically not to get the attention of men.

  9. Yeah the whole “women are washed up at 35” is why men much older than me would act like I should just give up and have sex with them and the next guy and the next guy. It was constant. Every man treating me like I should give up on modest behavior because I was over the hill and I was lucky to get some.

    Now I have a younger man as my partner(11 yrs) and maybe I do provide service for him , but not anything different than I would for an older man. Besides I am fyne ! At least he doesn’t need Viagra yet. I am not embarrassed when he takes off his shirt in public.

    • It’s more difficult for younger men to get sex than older ones, so it’s perfectly normal that you can get a young man and not an older one, but it will change when he gets more options as he ages.

    • Look what happened with Demi Moore (probably the hottest cougar ever) and Aston Kutcher. Aston realised he was well out of her league as he got older and ditched her for younger pussy.

      I’d suggest trying to get marriage as soon as possible. Otherwise your toy boy will dump you and you will have no alimony to show for it.

      • Yeah because that would never happen to a man…right? Because men are the prize and women should be happy if they can have one and die if they can’t…what kind of shallow brains are these?

    • “Now I have a younger man as my partner(11 yrs) and maybe I do provide service for him , but not anything different than I would for an older man. Besides I am fyne ! At least he doesn’t need Viagra yet. I am not embarrassed when he takes off his shirt in public.”

      Cool story sis! Tell it again.

  10. It wasn’t until my 50’s that men started to pay attention to me. Truth. It’s great because I’m so much more confident in myself now than I was at 20.

  11. Well now these women must no how it feels to be a man and ignored by women. My heart really bleeds……

    • I noticed that there are a lot of women haters here. For starters, if the Baby Boomer men would have bothered to take the initiative in courtship when they were young, perhaps they would have fared better. I remember they were passive that the girl was the one who pursued them. Those of us who were brought up the old-fashioned way, lost big time. Either we got the remaining crumbs or no one at all to ask for our hand in marriage. In many cases, these men married a floozy who cheated on them or took all their assets at Divorce court and now they are taking it out on innocent women who have never hurt a fly. I noticed that men my age are mean, bitter, angry and ill-mannered. I feel sorry for you older men. You will die alone without a caring, loving spouse at your side. Good luck with young women — they are self-centered and care only about you as long as you give them what they want: money and good times. When that runs out, they will kick you out.

  12. At 56, and living about a tenth of a mile from the beach here in Florida, I can safely say my attention is drawn more to the high school and college aged females, than the middle aged gals. I think the phenomena is called “biology”.

  13. When you question women about that, you get the age when they admit they lost their looks, not when they really lost them (20 years before).

  14. For once I’d like to see a story about how teenage men/young men get ignored.

    Nah- never happen- men are EVIL, etc.

  15. For the former hotties, their two-plus decades of narcissism, arrogance and just plain meanness comes back to bite ’em, and hard. I see these fading slatterns at bars, with their plastic, kickball-shaped boobs and trout pout lips, trying their silly best to look fresh and appealing. I’d feel bad for them if I wasn’t all-too-aware of their true nature. Like Adolf in his bunker, circa April ’45, it’s over for them.

  16. I’m a not particularly attractive guy who is very smart, but doesn’t make a lot of money.

    Forget 51, I’ve been invisible to women my entire life.

    • Ben are you a nice and genuine person? If so what’s the problem? Each person has to find his/her universe…so to speak. There is someone out there for everyone. I know of a 80 something woman who found love and happiness with a man 20 something years her junior. I have found that non- American men can appreciate the beauty of an older woman.

      • “Ben are you a nice and genuine person?”
        BWAAAHHHAAAAAaaaahhhhhhhhhhhHHAAAAAAAAAAAHH!! *gasp* HAAH HA!

        Yeah, That’s some FUNNY $***!!

        You should have said: “Ben, are you a violent, drug-dealing sociopath? If so, you will never run out of women who are interested in you.”

  17. Is this news item from the Onion? Who cares? There are plenty of women over 50 that turn heads. Hell, every man on this page would still hit Sharon Stone, Cheryl Ladd, and Linda Carter. Your age doesn’t decide attractiveness. Your appearance and attitude do. If you’re over 50 and bitter and bat shit crazy, guys won’t put up with it unless you’re super hot. (See Christy Brinkley) You don’t need a survey to tell you that.

  18. Gee this sounds like discrimination that must be correct by the courts…

    Men must be required to provide equal opportunity/attention to all women regardless of age.

  19. 51? Women are truly delusional if it takes them this long to realize they have been essentially invisible to men for the past 11 years. Of course, as many have noted, this is how the average man feels his whole life.

    Sadly, many older women have not developed the character necessary to compensate for their lack of beauty.

      • We’re a HELL of a lot more eye-candy in our fifties than YOU are, Rain. YOU’RE not laughing out loud. You’re crying in silence – ALONE. Who the hell do you think you’re kidding?

        That said. This is not always true. I was always good looking and still am in my fifties. When I had to show my ID the other day at the market to buy alcohol the lady clerk read my birthdate and said, “You look great!” This was two days before I turned 57. I get looks from girls thirty years younger than me.

        But, I was once married to a very beautiful girl whom I still love very much. She was poisoned and manipulated into running off with a goon that she can probably not even stand anymore. I still intend to win her love again and it does not matter that she is now 54. Real love trumps everything else – everything.

        Plus, some women still look damn good in their fifties. Blonde, white women hold their looks better than all other races and ethnicities – in my opinion. Asians are super-cute when they’re young but get old looking very quickly. Same is true with Native American girls and Hispanics. Some black women hold their age well but not as well as white women – in my opinion.

  20. Thought that was what all the Univ. Fascist Feminist goal was from the start. Simply ignore the silly b*****s. And we did.

  21. “…more than two thirds of women over 45 had walked into a room and felt ‘completely unnoticed’ by the opposite sex.”

    Hmm. That’s also roughly the same proportion of women over 45 who are more than 60 pounds overweight.

    Purely coincidental, I’m sure.

    • The problem is men have been brain-washed since young by the Media and the Porn Industry. It is unrealistic for most mature women to look like they did in their teens, twenties and thirties. Sure, obesity is not attractive. But if an older woman is too thin, that sets her up for osteoporosis. I seen very thin elderly women who are bent over. Is that what you want?

  22. Gee, so women are invisible to men after they reach 51. Try being a short man. You’re never visible to women, even when they’re telling you how invisible they feel. Remove the beam from your eye before cursing the mote in your neighbor’s eye. Enjoy the fact that every woman is young once. Some don’t have it so nice.

  23. Oddly, as a man, once I turned 50, I found just the opposite was true. Younger women began to pay MORE attention…and older women did so as well…

    • Women’s desire for a walking ATM when they are in ‘wallet-seeking’ mode almost has to be seen to be believed.
      What also almost has to be seen to be believed is the anger that these washed-up, middle-aged harpies have for the men (the same men that they rejected and completely ignored when they were young) who now ignore them in favor of the younger women who are also prettier / more fertile / less jaded / less hateful / less entitled.

  24. I stopped caring whether anyone noticed me years ago. I am not ignored by men, they see me as a peer and equal. It is ridiculous for any woman over 35 to be focused on such superficial nonsense rather than the substance they can bring to any situation. Stop focusing on turning heads and work at changing views and minds. As for “support up to menopause,” please, it is called aging. Surely you expected to do that, or did you think you would be young forever?

  25. Everybody take a deep breath, women over 50 are wonderful, as Redd Fox said years ago: “They don’t yell, they don’t swell and they are grateful as Hell!” Actually, they are much more fun, they can talk to you about matters that you understand.

  26. I’m 56. My wife is 63, and as attractive as she’s ever been, if not more so. I wouldn’t want her to be a single day younger.

    I wouldn’t confuse a 50 year old with a 25 year old on a physical basis, but with the possible exception of fertility, a mature woman brings much more to the table than she did 25 years before. Youth per se is not that big of a deal. Self confidence and life experience count for much more.

  27. Here’s the “math” of it for all you women who don’t get it: Any man over the age of 50 has already spent years with the same sexless, nagging, whining, humorless women you have become, so he’s not interested in starting a relationship with another like the one he has endured for so many years. You’ll have a hard time convincing him your actually “different” than the women I describe, but your only hope is to not display, even remotely, any of the characteristics I mentioned. Good luck!

  28. BULLSH!T!! I am a 61 year old female & have NO PROBLEM getting the attention of men OR women 1/2 my age!! Why? Because I have NEVER been so superficial as to just care about a man based on sexual attraction that’s why!! My Mommy & Daddy taught me to be kind, sociable, & generous with my attention to all & as a result, I make friends (of all ages) equally. My latest friends are men in their 30’s & a woman who is 29. I was at my physical attractiveness peak from 36 to 40 & frankly breathed a sigh of relief when men stopped “noticing me sexually”, because then I could FINALLY have “two way conversations” with men on any topic & know their mind was on the subject matter & not on how they might find a way to bed me. Now, with my 62nd birthday just 2 months away & a BMI of 23, I take care of my health (NOT overweight, organic vegetarian diet & regular exercise), I can honestly say life has NEVER been better!! As for those of you here who measure women only on how pretty/sexy they are when they are young, I feel sorry for you in your “one dimensional lives”. As for the women who are lamenting the “loss of your youth”…it’s NOT how young you are, it’s how healthy you are!! Killing stage 3c ovarian cancer in 2012 didn’t convince me, it merely re-affirmed it!! Ladies over 30, go LIVE…there’s PLENTY of “Life After Hotness”!! 🙂

    • Yes indeedy! I feel you Gurl! Hotness is just that , I never found it flattering because some man wanted have sex with me…that didn’t mean anything to me but here’s some Guy thinking I should be happy or feel validated because he wanted share his penis with me. I have never been attracted to shallowness!

  29. hahahaha. Pass a law. It will have two components:

    Men must NOT notice women (“ewww, sexist creepy man and rape culture, ja know?”). Later, they MUST notice women (“it’s so unfair that the men I ignored for the last 30 years now ignore me!”) Women will decide when they receive too much or too little notice.

    • I find it both incredible and yet amusing for how women either don’t or (more likely) WON’T understand the ‘Law of Cause and Effect’:
      1) When they are young, they do everything they can to criminalize men’s “unwanted” attention (and all attention from “unwanted” men);
      2) When they get older, they seem so mystified (and irritated) at the lack of men’s attention towards them (because of #1);
      3) They NEVER make any connection between the horrible ways that they treat boys as children, teenagers, and young men, and the fact that “there aren’t any ‘Good Men’ anymore”.


      • Women don’t seem to have the ability to understand what cause & effect is, let alone grasp how it can apply to THEM…

  30. Get a boob job and a face lift. There are plenty of divorced men who are hungering for that someone they threw away in their prime.

  31. That’s nothing, I’ve been invisible to women for a lot longer than that.

    Heck, I was invisible to women when I was in high school!

    • I don’t believe that… I’m sure there were women waiting for you to make a move and you just missed the cue…seriously.

      • Rain,

        Like every other woman, you suffer from this thing called ‘apex fallacy’. As a woman, you’re only going to notice (erotically speaking) the top 20% of men; the rest will be invisible. These 20% of men are erotically visible to most other women too. These top men, the alpha males you all want, are getting all the action that they can handle from women, you think that ALL men are getting attention from women; this is not the case. Because of this apex fallacy, you do not notice the 80% of men who are invisible to women their whole lives.

      • Also, you abscribe to the sexist gender roles that it should be the man who has the ‘active’ role, and approaches, risks rejection and ‘get the cues’, and the woman has the ‘passive’ role of simply saying yes or no according to what she preffers. This is what causes the apex fallacy described by MarkyMark above: Since women are approached, they get to choose ‘the best’ from those men who are approaching her. Imagine you’ve got 10 guys and 10 girls. Guy number 10 evens out the best in all categories (money, personality, looks, etc.). Guy number 9 a little less so, guy number 8 less so, and so forth, till you get to 1, who’s just awful. Now let’s say that, following established gender roles, each of the guys approaches each of the girls. What’s more likely to happen is that the majority of girls, since they’re given the option, will choose to go with the ‘top’ men. You may say, but it’s unlikely that a 10 guy would approach, say, a 2 girl… Which is true, but since girls are the ones that choose, the 2 girl, if approached by guys 2 and 3, will most likely choose 3… The one who chooses, chooses ‘upward’. Likewise, this gives them the choice to wait for her chance with an ‘upper’ man; rather than give a chance to the men who are currently interested in her. This also has socioeconomic consecuences: The vast majority of women, since they get to choose, choose to be with men that earn more than themselves, because it’s the convenient choice; which puts men, if they want a woman, forceably in the provider role by default… This is a conflictive position to say the least, because women want to earn equally as their male counterparts in the workplace (as they should), yet at the same time, they expect men to earn more than themselves, back at home. Both things (men earning more than their female counterparts, women choosing men who earn more than themselves) are both symptoms of the real problem: People, both men and women, assuming that men are the ones who always can and should be the providers, and the women never. Dispelling this notion is easier said than done: If women are the ones who by norm get to choose, odds are that they will always choose men who can provide for them, since, as I said, its convenient. The real (and, being frank, full-on pro-feminist) solution would be if men would be approached by women just as much as women are by men, so anyone from any gender can have the same freedoms and responsabilities, the same level of risks and choices.

        • Thank-you. Women always expect men to approach them because they have somehow dictated to men that they are supposed to be the aggressors and they themselves passive. Assign men gender roles but won’t have it from men. Tell us that we need to put our egos aside at the risk of getting rejected but they aren’t willing to do the same. It’s a double standard and it’s another way of women trynna control the situation and the frame of mind so they can dictate, determine, and control how they believe men should or should not react and or respond to them. Its an antiquated one sided notion meant to put men in a box and determine our worth.

  32. This is a situation where the only solution, seems to me, is an act of congress, yes, a law requiring men to continue to pay attention to these whining females. The same ones who have had it all their own way for years and years. Pity, Pity

  33. “The women claimed their confidence plummeted after hitting 50 and blamed greying hair, having to wear glasses or even struggling to find fashionable clothes.”

    Holy shit, are they that much in denial? Do they not realize that the wrinkles, sags, flabby parts and lack of suppleness and radiance of the skin have anything to do with it?

    And blaming it on glasses??? Please! Many hot, young chicks look particularly good wearing horn-rimmed glasses.

    • With the right glasses, clothes, and accessories (less is more here), the cute, dorky chick can be quite a turn-on…

    • I’m not so sure with these comments…some of these guys speak as if they don’t really like women period…an so shallow.

      • If you think so, you might want to ask yourself WHY men don’t seem to like women anymore — that is, without defaulting to the same old misandric answers that the feminists have vomited for the past forty years.

        Could it be that maybe women aren’t liked because they don’t do anything to make themselves capable of being liked — or loved?
        OTOH, it seems that women have done (and continue to do) everything that they can to make themselves repulsive to men.

  34. This is not true. I’ll prove it. My grandmother is 90+ years old and when she enters the room, she’s the most important person in it.

  35. Same woman two years apart. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-gfxjAaZg0
    Seems to happen between 29 and 31.

    “When God closes a door he always opens a window.”
    “That is not an upgrade.”

    Great comments. So now life doesn’t revolve around the cutie.

    As my middle school daughter once suggested “Cry yourself a river, build a bridge and get over it.”

  36. I once had a woman repeat the old story that women want men who are funny. I told her that women want Good Looking men that are funny…I’m the Brad Pitt of funny and I don’t have women throwing themselves at me.

  37. Women:

    So, you begin FEELING invisible to we men at age 51?

    I assure you, you BECOME invisible to us when you hit the wall at age 39 or so?

    We red pill men are enjoying the Schadenfreude, and knocking you off your pedestals…

  38. They, the women should stop crying…they make the rules, we men just play by them. And speaking of rules have any women ever stopped and considered how badly they treat each other?

  39. I am woman hear me roar , I am invincible and never require validation by someone else’s standards. Boys seek women to share their little heads with men seek women to share so much more.

    • So tell me, Rain — exactly what do women nowadays have that they can “share” in return? IOW, what do THEY possess that they can ‘bring to the relationship table’ to justify the risks that a man takes to become ‘acquainted’ with them? Or anything further, possibly?
      BTW,”sex”, “themselves”, etc., ARE NOT acceptable answers — for the simple reason that they have already previously “shared” those with every good-looking player, thug, dirtbag, and “exciting”, “romantic” ‘bad-boy’ a**hole who has crossed their path and given them ‘da tingles’ de jour previous to now.

  40. People need to stop being such products of the system. You are not invisible, female or male, if you are past the age of [fill in the blank], short, balding, etc. Use your eyes to observe and your mind to think. Don’t let conditioning, or ridiculously insecure people (the women complaining about being invisible and the posse of men who always frequent these types of article comments) make decisions for you. Dare to be different and don’t conform.

  41. What a load of nonsense, Im an older women and still attract men I can honestly say more so since being older than when I was younger, and its the same with my friends too when we go out we still get guys flirting with us…Dont go judging everyone the same, Im not atall self obsessed about my looks but often get lovely compliments which is nice to hear. Im happily married with children too I dont excercise just eat healthy and make sure I always look nice. I dont have trouble with finding clothes to wear I wear jeans and dresses and also glasses when im reading lol..

  42. What are the biddies cackling about now? Oh, self-perception based upon subjective emotion-based parameters that the old bats are not as able to utilize their outer appearance to obtain their desires?

    Too bad.

    Maybe th old biddies can quit cackling for awhile and perform a useful function. Perhaps volunteering at a local charity or something.

    Enjoy your wrinkles little girls. I avoided you gals even when you were young and ripe and oh-so fertile.

  43. Attention, Dear Ladies:
    Here’s a fact: The only reason men put up with you, much less give you ANY attention is: Your Magical Va-Jay-Jay!

    Seriously, 99.9% of you women are so utterly lacking any kind of intellectual curiosity (or ability to speak intelligently about anything besides shoes and money,) that most men find conversing with you somewhat like shredding their knuckles on a cheese grater!

    While he’s listening to your vapid attempts to be interesting, he is really thinking ” GAAAAAAAAHHHhh!!… HOW MUCH OF THIS CHICK’S BLATHER WILL I HAVE TO LISTEN TO BEFORE I GET HER IN BED???!!!”

  44. If you think this article is a load of BS, read a copy of “Men On Strike” by Helen Smith.

    As for me, I’m 47, straight, been ignored by women my whole life, and I’m at a point where my dreams in life are starting to come true… the taste of success is sweet, and now I have NO DESIRE for a woman… not even (GASP!!!) any urges to have sex. Yeah, success feels THAT GOOD.

    • Zed,

      At my age (52), I can take sex or leave it; I can’t tell you how LIBERATING that is! Thanks to the decline of my sex drive and concomitant interest in women, I can view them more objectively; I can view them in terms of their minds, heart, and souls-just like they SAY they want. You know something? The vast majority of women are NOT worth my time or effort…

      • You know, I think this is the trend affecting all of us, male and female as we age. We are so knocked down and dehumanized by our false expectations regarding ourselves. So we are not young anymore so what? Do not all of us have something to give to a relationship? Love, affection, caring, You can’t buy these, not if they are genuine and not a comodity. Our love and our hearts are the most beautiful assets on this earth, not lust and sex drive. A lot of things pass this life including our youth, let us not devalue ourselves and what is really important. Everyone has a lot to give and should not feel bad about being who they are, you are important.

  45. I’m married and not yet 50(my husband is in his early 50’s)and could really care less what men think of me,except my husband.

    Having said that?Reading through these comments sounds like it’s coming from a group of people who had a hard time getting female “attention”.So they blame the women and revel in their aging process.

    Kind of like,”You(women)rejected me!Now you’re old and washed up,haha!”Lol.

    Then proceed to make comment that women become bitter and jaded(and lose their looks).Some of these comments are bitter and jaded too.

    As far as over 50 men?Yes,some are still handsome.
    A lot of them aren’t.
    Some of them have stamina and energy(FOR NOW).Some do not.
    If they do still have it?They won’t for long.Either will the older women.

    Then the younger partner(if one can actually be attained) will eventually seek out an age appropriate partner who can continue to met their needs when the oldie loses steam.Don’t kid yourself.

    Yes,youth is more attractive.Yes,it is biology but both man and woman grow old.Leave the youngin’s to the other youngin’s(don’t be a creepy old person)that is also biology.

    Older women lose the ability to produce children.Older Father’s contribute to chromosomal defects,down syndrome,etc.
    Just like women over 35 the same holds true for men in that area.
    And what child deserves a senior citizen for a parent?

    Male and female;if you’re older?Take care of yourself,be the best you can be but accept your stage in life.Stop worrying about getting a young one,be an adult and grow up.Geese.

  46. I was 36 and started dating a women who was 57. I felt a strong physical attraction towards her. Finally one day we went out to the movies I told her much I liked her and she told me she wanted to hang out with me. The fist date we had sex, we already knew each other for a while. It was crazy, and she was very pleasing and loved to have sex with me. I still felt a bit ackward as she looked a lot older than me, I chickened out after a while. But I still fantasize about her in bed. Really she was dynamite. I don’t get this article at all.

  47. Now I am nearly 40, I like older women, specially five years and older. I have a lot of attraction towards them. I find younger women than me like babies. I don’t even find them that attractive

  48. when you see how heinous men are (by the comments on this page)thank goodness I don’t have one in my life –what a hatefull bunch of creeps!!

  49. As a man, I’d like to inject some perspective and balance on this issue. I’m a man who never made the grade in his younger years, never acquiring a good enough job or large enough paycheck to attract a desirable partner. So, I spent most of my life being a guy who, although well educated and not bad looking, always felt invisible to women … so … it works both ways, just like everything else in the Universe.

  50. Turned 56 this past week, and am quite happy despite not being “noticed” by every Tom with a Harry D**k. You dont need to be tye center of attention in order to find someone special. If romance and love and yes , marriage is meant to be, it will happen regardless of age. Just read the New York Times wedding section for proof. Lots of men and women over 50 finding each other. I decided awhile back theres no point of worrying about what you can’t control or change. You cant make someone love you if they dont, right? Stop with the lonely me pity party. Just get out there, live your life, be happy…and know there’s more to life than being “noticed.”

  51. One poster stated “KARMA.”

    I agree.

    I know not all women are the same, but most are lazy, shallow, spoiled, and very picky. Especially the very attractive ones.

    I don’t feel sorry for them at all.

    I won’t even look at them because now many of them will settle. I won’t be settled for.

  52. This is brilliant! it blows that stupid myth about women getting more confident after 40 right out of the water! The problem is, if you admit you care about how you look, everyone just thinks your vain and shallow. And some women seem to think that ageing is the most wonderful thing that can ever happen to you and that it opens up all sorts of opportunities that were never there before (really? what exactly? The opportunity to be ignored by men, the opportunity to experience depression?)

  53. Im a 30 yr old woman dating a 56 yr old man.
    I feel for you older ladies. I’ve been disrespected beyond belief by older ladies because im dating and have been dating my very sweet and handsome boyfriend for 6 yrs. Never will I get offended by the shade they throw im sure it hurts. I do have a very high respect for older ladies im in their pool now n it cnt be easy.


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