Woman stuck in the mud after walking across Exmouth river estuary


This hapless walker was rescued after taking a short cut across an estuary – and got stuck up to her waist in thick MUD.

The woman was attempting to cross the riverbed on foot but sank into the sludge 100m from the bank and was unable to move.

Her husband wriggled free and raised the alarm on his mobile phone and coastguards sent rescuers to the estuary in Exmouth, Devon.

Teams used specialist mud equipment to help free the unnamed woman and bring her back to safety after a half-hour ordeal.

Rescuers from the Exmouth Coastguard Rescue Team and Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service were called to the woman at 2pm on Friday.

A spokeswoman for Portland Coastguards said: ”The couple saw other people walking across the river, so presumed it would be safe to do the same.

”They both became trapped and the man was able to free himself but the woman was trapped and unable to move.

”The lady probably suffered a frightening ordeal and was found to be cold and shivering.

”If you become stuck in the mud, try to remain as calm as you can and call for help immediately. If you have a mobile phone dial 999.”


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