What new experiences will the Apple Watch offer?

The much awaited Apple Watch
The much awaited Apple Watch

The much-anticipated launch of Apple’s first delve into wearable technology on April 24 will mean a new platform for many of the world’s most innovative app developers to work on.

And, given the speed of technological movement in smartphones over the past five years, the experiences that might be available on Apple’s device in the near future are hard to comprehend.

Here we take a look at some of the most exciting apps currently available for the Apple Watch, which will utilise Apple’s ‘most personal device yet’ in a variety of new, exciting ways.

The much awaited Apple Watch
The much awaited Apple Watch

Stop getting lost  – Citymapper

Travelling has also come a long way in recent years. The foldout map was replaced by smartphone maps, and now maps can be a thing of the past altogether as the Apple Watch offers to guide its owners around a city.

The Citymapper app ensures that getting lost in a city you are visiting is no longer a problem.

Users can get directions to a destination from their wrist, and receive a friendly tap when their bus, tram or train arrives or reaches the right destination. They can look like a local, even when they’re not.

See Citymapper on Apple’s app page: http://www.apple.com/watch/app-store-apps/

Trade everywhere – IG’s Apple Watch App

The life of a trader has been evolving at an amazing pace for the past few years. Before the  dawn of the internet, trading meant meeting a broker face to face or making constant phone calls. Now, leading spread betting and stockbroking provider IG is among the first companies to allow investors to place trades on their wrists.

If Watch users spot an opportunity on the move, with just a few taps they can make new trades, edit or close existing positions, or check what events are coming up that day. The markets have never been so accessible.

Users can even use Siri’s voice detection to state the level of stocks they’d like to trade.

For more information, see IG’s Apple Watch info page: http://www.ig.com/uk/apple-watch-trading-app

Never lose your keys again – BMW, Starwood Hotels, Alarm.com

BMW, Starwood Hotels and Alarm.com have all demonstrated apps that can log owners into cars, hotels and even their own homes.

The Watch knows when it is removed from the wrist, and becomes useless when separated from its user’s iPhone.

The ‘Internet of Things’ could soon take this even further. Who knows, you could soon even open windows, front doors or access workplaces via your Apple Watch. Beyond that, controlling every aspect of the home from the wrist, including turning on the heating, running a bath or changing the TV channel is a very likely future possibility.

Find out more about all the apps mentioned above on Apple’s website: http://www.apple.com/watch/app-store-apps/



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