Web start-up service allows users to organise their home screen


A web start-up has been launched that organises users’ home screens with their favourite sites.

Openoox.com officially launches its first user friendly tool, a new generation of personalization sharing of bookmarks and favorites.

The service boasts ‘simple and intuitive controls’ which it says are ‘perfect for both Web novices and geeks. ‘

Denys Chalumeau, a co-founder of Openoox.com, said: ‘This is a better management of your online navigation, your bookmarks, your personal profile, and it saves precious time to discover new and similar sites.

‘Within a few months, the first set of feedbacks from users has largely exceeded our expectations. They understood the benefits in no time at all and rapidly fit to Openoox. More than 200 000 links and favourite files were created or pinned that we now refer to as Oox.’

Denys has given a detailed descrption and instructions of using the service.

Your Web, tidy, saved and accessible everywhere

Thanks to Openoox.com, everything changes, but the user isn’t lost. You can keep Google in its rightful place, as well as your favourite websites (or Oox), organisable by a simple drag-and-drop motion, directly on your homepage. On top of the search bar, a second bar allows you to create and search sites specifically within your favourite’s, as well as those forwarded by your friends and the entire Openoox community. Openoox is finally the Search Engine 2.0.

The aim is also to save all of your favourite links, so as to avoid losing them in the event of a hard drive crash. Your favourite Oox become nomads and are conserved in the cloud system. They are therefore accessible everywhere securely, via any computer, Smartphone or tablet, at any time, from the Openoox homepage.

How does it work?

The use of Openoox is free and takes no time at all to set up:

1. The registration can be done directly on the site using an email address or via Facebook, Twitter or Google+: https://openoox.com/signin

2. Openoox personalizes your navigator in 4 steps using your personal details: Age and sex, preferred search engine, favourite searches, selection of a few of your favourite sites (called Oox), creation of the first personal files (news, administration, cinema, work, shopping, events, sports and travel, …). While retaining your habits, Openoox allows you to dress up your browser to create your dream homepage.

3. The management of bookmarks via the creation of Oox can is done by directly searching the name of a website, by adding the URL of a website, by drag-and-dropping the web addresses, and by creating personal files either publically or privately (recipes, travel destination, start-up’s, jokes, videos, wish lists, life hacks, gift ideas, read lists, watch lists, music, comics etc.).

Note that Openoox easily let you import your current browser bookmarks in public or private folders. Installing the bookmarklet, you can bookmark a page in Openoox with one click.



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