Water officials put life ring next to a stream just three INCHES deep


Water company officials were branded drips today after installing a life ring next to a stream – just three INCHES deep.

The orange life preserver has been installed along a tiny brook which is so small it doesn’t even have a name.

It is just three inches deep but after heavy rainfall the trickle of water can ‘swell’ to a maximum of six inches.

But despite the water being barely deep enough to cover a pair of shoes, residents discovered an emergency lifebelt had been put up.

Thames Water provided the life-saving equipment following a ”heath and safety review” at the brook in Cock Lane, Fetcham, near Leatherhead, Surrey.

Resident Jonathan Brown, 24, said: “The stream is like a puddle – like someone left the tap on. There is no rhyme or reason behind this ring.

”I understand we have to be safe but even if someone fell over in the water throwing a life ring at them wouldn’t do any good. It would just hit them on the head.”

Fellow resident David RannIt added: “I am 5ft nothing and it hardly passes my toes. It is also 2ft wide at the worst of times so that makes it more ridiculous.”

A Thames Water spokeswoman said the stream has been given a life ring after a health and safety review.

Thames Water spokeswoman Sarah Sharpe said: “The stream is something we call a bouncing pond.

“It takes the run-off from the road surface during serious weather conditions so we don’t usually see them very full with water.

“The reason for this decision is because we had a recent internal health and safety review and we believe this area was in need of better safety precautions.”


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