WATCH : Pair of bungling thieves fail to steal motorbike that wouldn’t start


A pair of bungling crooks were caught on camera running away after they tried to steal a motorbike – but couldn’t get it started.

One of the men hopped off a moped and onto the parked motorbike in an attempt to make a quick getaway – but he couldn’t kick-start the bike.


The men were caught in Sutton, south west London, on Friday, when their bungled theft was caught on a bus security camera.

After the would-be thieves failed to get the bike to start, they tried to push it along the road using power from the moped – before being spotted and chased by the bike‘s owner.


Police were called by a member of the public who filmed their foiled attempt to steal the bike after getting off a bus.

Officers later detained one of the suspects, and cautioned a 20-year-old man for attempted theft.



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