Waitrose puts Easter Eggs on the shelves FOUR MONTHS early

Easter eggs on the shelves of Waitrose
Easter eggs on the shelves of Waitrose

A supermarket has been slammed after it stocked shelves with Easter eggs – more than FOUR MONTHS early.

Waitrose at the Membury Services on the M4 has shelves full of hollow chocolate bunnies and Easter treats less than a week after Christmas.

The store still has a Christmas tree at its doors but shelves are stuffed with ‘Malt-easter’ packs, Cadbury creme eggs and ‘Egg n Spoon’ packs – despite Easter being on April 20.

Easter eggs on the shelves of Waitrose
Easter eggs on the shelves of Waitrose

The early arrival has prompted anger from Twitter users.

Tina Blake wrote: “OMG @waitrose you disappoint me easter eggs already #why #april20th.”

The firm responded via its own Twitter feed saying:  “Hi, I’m sorry you felt this to be too early and will pass on your comments for discussion at our next review meeting. Thanks.”

Sarah Batten added: “There are Easter eggs in Waitrose next to the half-price Christmas puddings. Losing my faith in humanity.”

Waitrose defended its policy, and a spokesperson said: “Our main Easter egg fixtures don’t go into our branches until later in January.

“However, where branches have surplus space, they may decide to put a selection of chocolate eggs out before then.

“This isn’t any different to what’s happened in previous years and we’re very sorry if any of our customers are upset.”


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