Visitlead launches site for website extras to increase sales


For a successful sales department, leads are crucial. No new leads – no new customers. The classic ways of acquiring good leads (like advertisements, exhibitions or mailings) are well established – but compared to the possibilities offered by the internet, they are lagging far behind.

Today’s companies focus their homepages more and more on their market communication. The URL finds its way onto contact cards, stationery, company cars and, of course, into every commercial.

Phrases such as “for more information visit our homepage” are everywhere and have the same goal as online marketing techniques: to bring potential customers to your website.

And if your homepage is focused right, most of those visitors will be looking for something your offer.

This will easily result in hundreds or even thousands of highly valuable business opportunities – each month.

All of those visitors fulfil the three most important criteria of success: They are in the right place – your homepage. They are interested in your products. And also the most important factor, the timing, is perfect. They are on the edge of a buying decision.

It’s a hard task for a sales team to acquire better leads – and even harder to find them for free. But the main problem with this situation is that you do not even know about all those opportunities. The website is somewhere in the cloud, isolated from the rest of the company and visitors are left completely alone.

To be able to profit from all these opportunities we created Visitlead. Visitlead can be integrated easily into every website to ensure your homepage is connected with your company – and to bring your online business opportunities into your office.

Visitlead offers unique features to use the potential of your website (like live chat, co-browsing, website widgets, tracking, dynamic content).


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