Are you a Victim of Fake News? Here’s how a Reputation Management Company can help


Although the term “fake news” is a relatively recent arrival in the common lexicon, the idea of manipulating information in order to gain an advantage over a foe or rival is as old as the stars in the sky.

With the various spin, questionable news editorials, and biased coverage making for murky battlegrounds where lines blur, the reputation of individuals and companies can often be at the mercy of public opinion. Given how public image or a company’s standing can be battered by a tornado of unfavourable reviews and biased commentary, it can be highly beneficial to employ the services of professionals, such as this reputation management company in Utah.

How can a reputation management company help your image?

It may be that you are hiring a professional reputation management team to attempt to repair how consumers see your brand, or simply to get your name out there in the most positive light. Much like investing, how the public views your brand or personal image is integral to longevity and success in your field. Even minor mistakes or poor public relations, the impact on your business appeal can be devastating.

While there are different requirements according to the needs of the client, a reputation management agency will generally look to develop a strategy by first gauging how the public receives you or your company. This process generally follows the steps below:

  • General consultation and fact-finding
  • Evaluation of present and potential damage to your or your brand’s reputation
  • Identifying the specific problems and where you are going wrong
  • The creation of a bespoke action plan which illustrates how best to repair your reputation
  • Execution of that plan via the necessary channels

How does a reputation management company do it?

There are fundamental aspects which most reputation management companies adhere to. Longevity and establishing a brand image which will sustain on account of its strength is the primary aim. In 2018, consumers and the general public have more access to reviewing products and companies, with the continued growth of social media channels and various online platforms.

As such, a reputation management agency will target these channels in order to positively establish their clients’ brands. In order to promote an image which encompasses strength, transparency, value, and legitimacy, those tasked with protecting a client’s reputation will proactively work towards:

  • Creating and maintaining a solid online presence
  • Utilizing social media platforms in order to spread word and influence
  • Leverage listings in search engines and other sites
  • Develop a clear and convincing image
  • Influence press coverage through advertising or other means

Do I leave it in a rep management company’s hands?

While you may seek comfort in the knowledge that there is a team of professionals working on your behalf, this does not necessarily mean that you have to simply sit back and sip lemonade. If this is a case of “all hands on deck,” why not get involved and add some more weight to the push towards improving your image.

You can help to promote quicker results in your mission to grow your brand by researching new technology, or learning how digital marketing trends can assist your business or personal image.


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