Vet bills set to sky rocket as Brits fall in love with the French Bulldog

Credit - Pexels
Credit - Pexels

Everyone knows the UK is a nation of dog lovers, however, our tastes are constantly changing to include breeds of all different shapes and sizes. This year it has been revealed that climbing the list of in demand breeds, is the pint sized French Bulldog!

However price comparison site MoneySuperMarket have advised new pet owners to be wary of the potential veterinary costs involved with the fashionable pooch, which is known for its array of possible health problems.

The average annual premium for popular breeds such as Labradors, currently sits at around the £303 mark whilst, the average premium for the French Bulldog sits at £490! This is down to the high amount of veterinary costs involved in owning one of these stylish small dogs.

It’s estimated that over the course of a French Bulldogs life time, these vet costs could amount to a mammoth £22,318, making pet insurance a must have for owners.

Credit - Army Medicine, Flikr, Creative Commons
Credit – Army Medicine, Flikr, Creative Commons

Rose Howarth, Head of Pet Insurance at MoneySuperMarket, has commented on these statistics:

“Pet insurance is crucial as different animals are prone to a range of illnesses that can really start adding up, and that’s before counting the risk of an accident. It’s vital that owners take out the right insurance for their dog, as different breeds are susceptible to different kinds of ‘lifestyle’ illnesses.

Alongside pet insurance options, MoneySuperMarket offers tips and tricks on how to keep your pet as healthy as possible and make sure you don’t get caught out by unexpected vet bills.”

To find out more about the unhealthiest breeds and common ‘lifestyle’ illnesses dogs face, MoneySuperMarket has produced a helpful guide, which also includes tips and tricks to keep your pet in peak condition You can take a look at the guide here –


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