Unexpected delivery: Woman gives birth sitting on the toilet


A mother has told of her horror after giving birth to her baby daughter while sitting on the TOILET.

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Heavily pregnant Sharon Willoughby, 40, was having a wee when her baby daughter Felicity decided the time was right to make her grand entrance.

Sitting on the toilet she began to feel ripping pains and screamed for partner Richard.

Suddenly the pain stopped and the couple looked down to see their baby daughter lying in the toilet bowl. Richard scooped her up with her umbilical cord still intact.

The couple claim to have pulled the emergency cord but no staff came to help, so they were forced to carry Felicity back to the ward.

They are now considering legal action against the hospital, arguing that staff should have recognised Sharon was in labour.

The Nottinghamshire mum-of-three had gone in to King’s Mill Hospital in Nottingham to be induced, but doctors and nurses assured her she was not yet in labour despite experiencing pains in her lower body.

Sharon said: “It was very frightening, horrible. I don’t know if they were bored with their job but they didn’t notice.

“Felicity was still attached with Richard holding her.

“We didn’t know what was happening, no one was coming. We were later told they thought I was calling for a cup of tea.”

Richard said: “Sharon went in to the bathroom and started screaming. I went in and as she crouched down I saw something come out.

“We didn’t know what it was but Sharon felt the pain go. Our baby was in the toilet and Sharon looked round and realised she had given birth.

“We were there for 15 minutes holding the baby, pulling the alarm – but nothing happened.”

King’s Mill’s senior midwife Maria Curtis said: “I have apologised to the family that on this occasion we did not meet their expectations.

“We will continue to talk to them family until the issues are resolved but cannot comment further on this individual case.”

Luckily baby Felicity had no injury other than a bump to the head and is now at home with her parents.


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