UK SEO Consultant Reveals Why Technical SEO Should Not Be Forgotten


With the hype about content, many businesses and even marketers forget that technical SEO is just as important. According to Paul Gordon, and SEO expert, the trick is to find a happy medium so your website has the best technical SEO and content marketing strategy. I found many clients of mine put all their time and attention towards blogging but their website was riddled with errors. They were basically fighting a battle with themselves. In this blog post, I’m going to go through why technical SEO is important and who can help you with it.

Technical SEO Doesn’t Change

I have seen, as a UK SEO consultant, the guidelines for content best practices have changed a lot over the years and will continue to change into the future. Technical SEO on the other hand has hardly changed at all. Years ago when I was a UK SEO consultant, people talked about broken links, title tags, duplicate pages etc. Fast forward so many years where people and consultants are still talking about broken links, title tags, duplicate pages etc. Because technical SEO hasn’t changed much over the years, it is not such a hot topic as content but it is still equally as important.

Analysing Technical SEO

Perhaps another reason why some businesses ignore technical SEO is because it takes a lot of analysis. It isn’t as glamorous as content but it still needs to be done and someone needs to do it. That someone is usually a UK SEO consultant. There are many resources a UK SEO consultant can check to download spreadsheets of issues for someone to work through. Whether it is 404 error pages, duplicate title tags or adding thousands of image ALT tags, all of these ‘boring’ tasks will help improve your rankings and give your content the best foundation.

Don’t Forget About Technical SEO

You could create the best content in the world but if Google cannot crawl it, nobody is going to find it. This is why, as a UK SEO consultant, I always say technical SEO cannot be ignored. The same goes for any other type of marketing such as PPC. If your website is taking too long to load then users will bounce and your costs will rise. Having someone continually monitor your technical SEO will stop this from happening.

Technical SEO Is The Foundation

I always tell my clients to think of SEO as a building; you wouldn’t be able to build a building on a foundation that is poorly done. If you wouldn’t build a building on poor foundation, what makes you think having a poor foundation for your website is going to work? Technical SEO is the foundation that will help your content flourish.

A UK SEO Consultant Can Help

If you’re convinced you need to start working on your technical SEO but not sure where to start. Speaking to a UK SEO consultant will help. Or, for larger business, in need of a larger team, contact a creative agency.  


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