Two Asian men jailed after they filmed themselves having sex with 14-year-old girls


Two Asian men who filmed themselves having sex with 14-year-old girls they plied with alcohol before swapping partners have been jailed for a total of 14 years.

Royston Gonsalves, 26, used his mobile phone to film himself with the child before sending the footage to friends.

Once finished, Gonsalves passed the teen on to Filbert Antao, 22, who had been having sex with her friend, also 14, as they exchanged girls.

Days later the men, both from India, met up with the first girl and a different friend, who was only 13, at a Travelodge, before taking turns to have sex with them.

They were only caught when the girls’ parents became concerned and called police.

The vile men – who got the girls drunk on vodka and lemonade – were each jailed for seven years after they both admitted three counts of sexual activity with a child.

Jailing them, Recorder Ian Lawrie QC, said: “Neither of you have any care as to how these two young girls must have felt.

“I have no doubt both of you knew these girls were underage and you didn’t care.

“It is clear that you are still struggling to come to terms that these are offences in this court and you stand to be sentenced.

“You cling to the view that these girls were ‘asking for it’ and ‘what’s the harm?’ You are going to have to go through a process of re-education.”

Swindon Crown Court, Wilts., heard that one of the girls was friendly with Gonsalves and they corresponded on social networks.

They agreed to meet on March 24 last year at an empty house she had keys to, and the defendants, who now face deportation, turned up with bottles of vodka and lemonade.

Jane Rowley, prosecuting, said the girls were both drunk, and when one went upstairs she was followed by Gonsalves, who took her into a room and had sex with her.

He used his phone to video what was happening, before sending it to friends, including his co-defendant who was downstairs having sex with the other girl.

The men then swapped partners and each had sex with the other teen, despite both protesting they did not want to, the court heard.

Two days later, Gonsalves met the girl and another of her friends and sneaked them in to the hotel.

Both men then had sex with the children before again swapping partners, but the when the girls left shortly before midnight they had been reported missing.

Charges of rape were not proceeded with against Antao, of Park North, Swindon, and Gonsalves, of Swindon, after they admitted the lesser offences before a jury could be sworn.

The court heard all three girls suffered psychologically from what they went through, with two self harming and contemplating suicide.

Alex Daymond, defending Antao, said his client came to the UK in 2010 with his parents.

He said there had been no coercion by his client and insisted they had not encouraged the girls to drink the alcohol.

Paul Trotman, for Gonsalves, said his client had been in country for three years and was a virgin when the offences took place – which the judge rejected.

He said he was sorry for what he had done and was a naive person and was showing bravado among peers with the video.


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