Troubled newlyweds scrapped their honeymoon to appear on JEREMY KYLE

Emma Cowley on the Jeremy Kyle show

A newlywed couple whose nuptials were rocked by accusations of cheating sacrificed their honeymoon – to appear on the JEREMY KYLE show.

Emma and Daniel Cowley got engaged after a whirlwind romance but their wedding was thrown into doubt when she accused him of being unfaithful at a party.

He agreed to take a lie detector test on the ITV daytime show – which he FAILED – but Emma, 22, forgave him and the wedding went ahead.

Emma Cowley on the Jeremy Kyle show
Emma Cowley on the Jeremy Kyle show
Daniel on the Jeremy Kyle show
Daniel on the Jeremy Kyle show

But as the big day approached rumours circulated that SHE had also cheated – so they delayed their honeymoon so she could also take a lie detector test on the show.

So the day after tying the knot they appeared on the Jeremy Kyle stage for a second time – where Emma passed the test with flying colours.

The couple say the show helped to solve their problems and they are now living happily ever after.

Emma said: “It wasn’t ideal. Like most brides I wanted to be enjoying married life with my hubby but felt we couldn’t move on properly until I’d proven I hadn’t cheated.

“The day after our wedding should have been one of the best days of my life, but instead we spent it on the show being grilled by Jeremy.

“I didn’t want to go back on the show but I needed to put Daniel’s mind at rest so we could both move on with our life and put the past behind us.

“We put our honeymoon on hold and went to Wales two weeks later. Today, we’re happier than ever.”

Emma and Daniel, 29, met while on holiday in 2013 but romance did not blossom until he broke up with a previous girlfriend.

The pair had a long distance relationship – he lived in Manchester and she lives in Ashford, Kent – until Daniel popped the question over Skype on Christmas Eve 2013.

Emma recalled: “There was an instant attraction but Daniel was in a relationship.

“I didn’t want to be a home-wrecker and it was important to me we started on a clean slate and his relationship was over before we started one.

“(When he proposed) I was over the moon. I couldn’t believe it when he got down on one knee over Skype and asked me to marry him.

“It was so romantic and I said ‘yes’ straightaway. All my family were in the room cheering. Like me, they were really please too and thought Daniel was a good egg.

“Even though we hadn’t been together that long, they knew how much I loved him. I couldn’t wait to start planning the wedding.”

But Emma’s happiness was short lived when she got a Facebook message for Daniel’s ex saying he had cheated on her at a New Year’s Eve party, just days after the proposal.

Though Daniel denied the rumours, the messages continued, so Emma applied for a lie detector test on the Jeremy Kyle show in March 2014.

The results revealed that unemployed Daniel had in fact been unfaithful and was guilty of kissing and groping his ex-girlfriend.

In spite of the results, Emma decided to stand by her man and they tied the knot just one month later, in April 2014.

However in the days leading up to the ceremony, Daniel received a number of Facebook messages messages claiming Emma had been cheating.

The ceremony went ahead as planned, but while Emma was having her make-up done she received a call from a Jeremy Kyle researcher who asked how the relationship was going.

She explained the cheating rumours and they were offered a lie detector test the next day, which they accepted.

The pair drove back to Manchester the following day, as opposed to going on a honeymoon in Wales, where Emma took a lie detector test.

The results revealed Emma, who has a five year old daughter from a previous relationship, was found to be faithful.

Full-time mum Emma said: “I didn’t want to go back on the show but I needed to put Daniel’s mind at rest. Today, we’re happier than ever.”

Chef Daniel, who has now moved to Ashford to live with Emma, added: “I’m so glad Emma gave me a second chance. I love her to bits and won’t mess up again.”


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