Top tips for selling your home quickly


Most people are keen to sell their home as quickly as possible. The good news is that research suggests that properties that are sold within 12 days are the most likely to achieve their maximum asking price. If you need a quick turnaround, here are some tips to maximise your chances of success.

Maximise your property’s kerb appeal

First impressions count so time spent making sure the exterior of your home looks its best in photos and viewings is essential for a quick sale. Check that the front of your property is kept clutter free, and move any unsightly things such as children’s garden toys and recycling bins out of sight if at all possible.

Mow the lawn and keep bushes and hedges trimmed. Tubs of flowers and hanging baskets are an effective way of brightening up a dull exterior. Place two tubs either side of the front door for a stylish symmetrical statement. Clean windows and invest in a smart new front door – and if this isn’t an option – a fresh coat of paint is always a good idea.

Tidy up and spring clean

Present your home to its best advantage for viewings by making sure everything is as neat and tidy as possible. Hoover any crumbs or pet hair. Sweep away cobwebs from ceiling corners and invest in a diffuser. Ensure that bathrooms and toilets are free of mould and are pristine. Kitchen worktops should be kept clear, and toys and personal possessions should be put away. Clear out built-in wardrobes and cupboards – remember viewers will want to see how capacious they really are and ensure that everything is open for view. Think about temperature control depending on the time of year – after all, you want potential buyers to feel comfortable and relaxed and able to envisage themselves in your home. Open windows for fresh air – unless you live next to a noisy main road!

Keep pets and children under control during viewings!

A barking or jumpy dog could easily put off a prospective buyer. If possible, arrange for the estate agent to conduct the viewings at a time when you can head out with the children and family dog. This makes the whole process much more depersonalised, which is helpful for the buyers and may be less stressful for you. If you are there, try and stay out of the way and encourage the viewers to wander freely around the property.

Define and depersonalise each room

It’s really important that the purpose of each room can be clearly seen at a glance. So if a bedroom is currently being used as a home office or a craft room, it’s worth placing a single bed in there so its purpose and potential are defined. Similarly, if a dining room is full of exercise equipment and paperwork, give it a clear out and return it to its original purpose.

Make sure maintenance is up to scratch

There’s a good chance that buyers will be comparing different properties so make sure that all those little DIY jobs have been dealt with, such as dripping taps, missing light bulbs or wonky kitchen cupboards. It’s not necessary to redecorate the whole house as the chances are it won’t be to the buyer’s taste but a fresh coat of paint in a neutral tone can be an effective way of sprucing up a tired-looking room. Make sure doors and skirting boards are free from smudges and marks – a magic eraser sponge can work wonders.

Do your research and set a realistic price

A good rule of thumb is to research the asking prices of similar properties in the area, particularly noting recent sales. This will give you an indication of the sort of price your property is likely to fetch, bearing in mind the buoyancy of the market and the condition of your home. Hopefully, the figure will roughly tally with the opinion of your estate agent.

Choose the right estate agent

A reputable and reliable estate who has experience in selling your type of property is the key to a quick sale. You can find the right estate agent for you by asking friends and family for recommendations. It’s also worth comparing local estate agents through websites such as AllAgents and Yopa. Don’t be afraid to ask your estate agent plenty of questions at the initial valuation, such as how they’ve arrived at the figure, how they will market your property, and how long they think the property will take to sell.


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