Top tips for booking your family holiday early for the best deal

The luxurious Hotel Jupiter in the Algarve next to the Praia da Rocha beach
The pool at the luxurious Hotel Jupiter in the Algarve next to the Praia da Rocha beach

Whether you want to relax on the beautiful beaches of France or trek through the tumultuous hills of Thailand, it’s a good idea to book your family holiday early.

Not only will this give you something to look forward to, but booking early means you may be able to take advantage of special offers and also thoroughly plan your trip. So, with this in mind, here are some expert tips on how to grab yourself a great deal:

Tip one: Look out for early bird discounts

Believe it or not, holidaying with your family doesn’t have to cost the earth. Booking early means you won’t be short of choice and can choose a destination that suits your wants and needs.

Book your family holiday early to get the best deal
Book your family holiday early to get the best deal

Not only that but with many travel companies offering early bird discounts you could even enjoy the holiday of your dreams without having to pay a fortune. All you have to do is keep your eyes peeled for offers and book before a certain date.

Tip two: Make reservations early for the best hotels

During peak times (such as the summer period and school holidays) the best hotels get booked up fast with excited holidaymakers looking to enjoy a top-notch experience. So, if you want first-grade accommodation – important if you’re searching for unforgettable kids holidays – it’s best to beat the crowds by booking as soon as you can. The very best of anything is always in demand, so if you wait too long you’ll find your choice of accommodation limited.

Tip three: Book in good time for the best flights and seats

While many air travel companies release last minute deals, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a cheap flight to your preferred destination. The good news is, booking early can also save you cash and you’ll have plenty of time to research prices between airlines as well as cheap travel routes. Moreover, reserving your seats in good time will ensure you’re not stuck right at the back of the plane or next to the toilets – now that’s got to me a good reason for getting organised. There’s always a rush to get the best seats on the plane.

Tip four: Book early to spread the cost of your holiday

Can’t afford to pay for your holiday up front? Then fear not, as all many travel companies need is a deposit. You can then pay the full sum off at a later date. Of course, for this to be worthwhile it’s important to book early to ensure any payments you make are well spread out. This will allow you to holiday in style without putting yourself under any financial pressure.

Family holidays are a great way to bond with your loved ones, so why not choose where you want to go together and get something sorted well in advance? There are many wonderful destinations out there that are great for both adults and children alike and by booking in good time you can enjoy a leisurely and relaxed countdown to the adventure of a lifetime.



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