Toddler gets her own playground because contact with other children could KILL her


Lonely toddler Bea Todd is unable to play with other children because her immune system is so weak she could die – if she catches a COLD.

Brave Bea was born with a severe immune system deficiency which means she has to be kept away from other children her age.

She has to avoid playgrounds and birthday parties because her body is so weak that she would be unable to fight off a common cold.

The toddler has spent most of her young life in hospital but was allowed home in
February following a bone marrow transplant.

To bring a little happiness into Bea’s life, the Make A Wish Foundation has paid
for a playground to be built in her back garden in Stowmarket, Norfolk.

Mum Anna Todd, 33, said it was ”heartbreaking” to watch her daughter staring at other children playing at her local park.

She said:  ”I used to drive her up to the local playground and if it was busy
and there were children playing I’d have to turn around and go home.

”It got to the stage where she would see other kids and say ‘Oh dear Mummy, we
can’t go today there are too many children’.  It was heartbreaking.

”Her immune system is so fragile and low she can pick up anything quicker and
easier and her body does not have the strength to fight them.

”We cannot afford to let her play with any kids we don’t know. If they have a
cough, a virus or chicken pox – these things could be life-threatening.

”She doesn’t go anywhere. We can’t go swimming, toddler groups or nursery. She
can’t even go to other kid’s birthday parties or have children here at home.”

Bea was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis and HRH hemophagocytic
lymphohistiocytosis (doub corr) after suffering a rash when she was five months

She spent several days in intensive care at West Suffolk Hospital, in Bury St
Edmunds, Suffolk, and a further six months in hospital.

Bea underwent a bone marrow transplant at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital
when she was aged just two-years-old.

She then braved chemotherapy and spent two weeks in intensive care before
living for four months on an isolation ward.

Bea was allowed home in February but needs a Hickman Line and tube in her nose
to administer medication and has platelet transfusions every two days.

The treatment she has undergone has been so intensive that her immune system
has been left too weak to defend itself.

Anna, a former textile conservator at National Trust and Bea’s dad Chris Peck,
34, who works as a telecoms consultant, have to keep their house spotless.

The couple, who plan to marry, clean the house from top to bottom every two
days and hoover each morning to keep the germs away.

They only allow relatives children if they have been screened for any health
problems and illnesses.

Anna added: ”We have learned to live with it otherwise we would go mad. We
watch her very carefully and take every precaution.

”She’s used to not spending time with other children and become fairly
imaginative and very good on her own.

”To have a playground in the back garden is great. Now she can go out and play
whenever she wants.

”She’s out there everyday without fail even making it to the top of the
climbing wall. It’s incredible to think she couldn’t even walk back in February.

”We keep telling ourselves its not going to be like this forever. We are
getting through the complications and we really hope to send her to school next

When charity Make A Wish Foundation heard of Bea’s bravery they offered to fund
a wish and build a play park in her back garden.

To sponsor a wish like Bea’s or refer a child for a wish, call the Foundation
on (01276) 405060 or visit


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