Tips for successful job hunting as hiring increases in 2014

Hiring of new employees is set to increase in 2014
Hiring of new employees is set to increase in 2014

Industry predictions for the 2014 job market are taking on a positive vibe as pundits predict an increase in hiring next year and more opportunities becoming available.

This is due to a number of factors. Increased confidence in financial recovery, meaning larger numbers of people choosing voluntarily to leave current jobs to seek new challenges, plus more and more companies offering counter offers to valued staff indicating a desire for greater rewards and challenges elsewhere.

The end of 2013 has seen a marked shift from an employer focused hiring model too, which has been driven by an economy at risk, and more confidence being placed in a candidate-centric approach, allowing job seekers to have a larger say in their future career prospects.

Hiring of new employees is set to increase in 2014
Hiring of new employees is set to increase in 2014

So what should job candidates do in 2014 to keep their skills in demand and to take advantage of the predicted boost to the jobs market? For a start, they should not let their own standards slip when producing and updating job applications, CVs, covering letters and so on. Even in a more buoyant market, presentation still counts for a lot.

One tool that could come in very handy in 2014 is the video CV – or film showcasing the person’s skills, qualifications and talents right from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

Recruitment specialists, Meet The Real Me are huge fans of the video CV, offering their own platform for job seekers to create their own ‘e-me’, or video CV and then upload it to various websites and social media outlets to get the word out and in front of the right audiences.

The e-me tool is invaluable to employers too, offering them the chance to vet potential employees more thoroughly before the crucial, yet time-consuming and costly face-to-face interview stage. Employers can request a free demo to see for themselves how it all works by visiting the Meet The Real Me website:

Other trends for 2014 include employers placing a larger emphasis on achievements, rather than just skills or qualifications. Again, this is where a video CV can show an application off to its maximum potential. Job applicants should make sure they include as many (relevant) achievement stories as possible, both professional and personal, during their presentation to back up their claims to be the best person for the job.

Finally, social media will continue to be big news in 2014. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn continue to rule the roost, however don’t discount pother platforms, such as Google+, YouTube or even Instagram and Pinterest to promote your suitability for employment online.

Equally, don’t blow your chances by posting questionable things online – it will all come back to haunt you if you’re not careful. And if you do set up a video CV, make sure you link it to all your social media accounts for maximum exposure.


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