Thug jailed for biting off-duty police officer’s ear


A drunk who carried out a Mike Tyson-style attack on an off-duty police constable and bit off part of his EAR has been jailed for five years.

Thug Declan Zimmer, 21, had been on a 14 hour drinking binge in Bedford when he launched an unprovoked attack on PC Kirk Seymour.

As the off-duty officer struggled to defend himself sick Zimmer bit off part of his left ear before walking away and spitting it out onto the road.

Surgeons tried to reattach a section of the ear but the operation was unsuccessful and PC Seymour has now been disfigured for life.

Zimmer, from Bedford, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm with intent and was jailed for five years at Luton Crown Court on Friday.

Judge John Bevan said: ”This was an unprovoked attack which has led to permanent disfigurement and lasting psychological harm. It is a very bad offence.”

The court heard an impact statement from PC Seymour where he revealed that he has had to postpone his wedding because of the attack.

He said: ”This life changing injury has left me disfigured for life. I cannot sleep and I no longer go out and socialise much or go to the gym.

”I have gone from a confidant young man to a man with problems with anxiety.

I have postponed my wedding until I feel confidant to have photographs taken.”

The sick attack took place on May 22 this year as PC Seymour and a friend were walking home eating pizza following a night out on town.

They were approached by a group of six to eight people when Zimmer rushed forward and and punched PC Seymour in the mouth.

Claudette Elliott, prosecuting, said: ”The defendant suddenly appeared in front of him and knocked the pizza out of his hand and without warning punched him directly in the mouth.

”He fell to the ground and was punched repeatedly. Zimmer was on top of him and he felt severe pain to his left ear and then the defendant walked off.

”He was bleeding heavily, and surgeons found that 40 per cent of his ear was missing.”

The sick attack mirrors an incident where Mike Tyson bit off part of Evander Holyfield’s ear during a boxing match in 1997.

Zimmer was arrested on June 4 and made a full confession where he told officers ”I am disgusted with myself. It sickens me.”

Anna Hamilton-Shield, defending said: ”He had been drinking for ten to fourteen hours, starting with strong lager and going on to whisky.

”He cannot believe what he did and literally burst in to tears when discussing it. He is disgusted by it.

”But he is motivated to make changes in his life and has taken enormous steps forward while in custody.”



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