Three Reasons People Watch Reality Shows That Aren’t About the Drama



When you think of reality TV audiences, do you tend to think of people watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Jersey Shore as a guilty pleasure? Certainly, the success of these shows is generally down to the outrageous antics of the people on the shows and the drama in each episode, however these examples may be an unfair representation of the whole reality show genre. Here are three other reasons why people enjoy reality TV, which are perhaps a little less frivolous:

They Want to Spot Stars of the Future

Some reality shows are already about famous people, but others are about people who are just beginning their careers. Some people enjoy watching things like America’s Next Top Model or The Voice because they want to see if they can pick out the celebrities of the future from all of the soon to be forgotten people who participate. Whether you fancy yourself as a talent scout or not, the truth is that very few people who first appear on reality and talent shows actually go on to have major careers in entertainment, so it is fun to try and pick out the ones who seem to have the talent to survive when the initial attention fades!

They Want to Learn About What Goes on In a Certain Other Lifestyle

A lot of the things on reality TV are exaggerated for the cameras, but that doesn’t mean it is all fake. Reality shows that focus on industries or careers can actually teach you quite a lot about the lifestyles associated with them. A good example is the reality show My Hollywood, which is about people who are trying to make careers in the entertainment business. This show is produced by Michael David Palance, who has a good history in the entertainment business himself having worked as an actor for many years. When shows are developed by people like Michael Palance who understand the industries they are portraying, you can bet there are some useful insights in there among the dramatic moments!

They May Be Interested in a Specific Topic That Reality TV Covers Surprisingly Well!

Some people enjoy certain reality shows because they actually provide some very good coverage and information about a topic they are interested in. Whether you want to learn about antiques, cars, motorcycles or cooking, you can often find a lot of interesting stuff within reality shows based around those themes, and this can make them great viewing for hobbyists and even other professionals in the same fields as the people on the shows. While the shows are formulated to be fun to watch and entertaining, they also give you some genuinely good information and tips from real experts.

So, as you can see, there is really a lot more to reality TV than watching cat fights and drama. Look past the scripted moments and unbelievable personalities, and you can often find some real value in the content of some reality shows!


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