The Future of Meeting Rooms


Meeting room technology is advancing at a very fast pace, with new technology coming out every few months at conventions. With Cisco recently merging Cisco Spark and WebEx to refocus their efforts and make their development cycle more efficient, it shows that they’re dedicated to improving every aspect of the meeting room experience.

Kinly explore the future of meeting rooms and what they have in store for us and how it could change how we collaborate together.

Collaborative Technology

Collaboration technology is already here, with Microsoft’s Surface Hub and Cisco WebEx Teams, we can jump into a meeting straight away with a colleague or client across the globe and be collaborating in seconds. Being able to share and view documents and projects at the tap of a button improves workplace efficiency tenfold. But how will it improve in the future? Microsoft have already took a step forward towards this by announcing Microsoft Surface Hub 2. A Surface Hub but at a significantly reduced cost. Usually the Surface Hub is sold between $8000 and $30,000, which severely limits the size of business that can utilise it. It seems that Microsoft are aiming to provide high-tech collaboration tools to smaller businesses.


Technology isn’t the only thing that’s inside a meeting room, wherever you may be taking that meeting. High on the agenda for future improvements among many businesses is the comfy factor, making sure that every member of the meeting is comfortable, especially when you’re in a long meeting potentially reaching over an hour.

Modular furniture and fireside chat style seating is on the up, it allows attendees to meet and interact in a flexible and informal setting. Breaking down the barriers of previous meeting rooms where it’s all suits, leather chairs and unnecessarily big tables.

Many businesses are already putting this change into place in many of their workplaces, you may see them yourself in the coming months.

It allows the meeting room experience to be looked forward to and not loathed, when somebody mentions a meeting nobody groans about it, knowing that at least they’ll be comfy.

Creative Meeting Room

Not just the furniture and technology, the room itself should foster creativity and not be a bland, square room that nobody wants to enter when they open the door. If you’re a business looking to improve your meeting room then always stay on the lookout for future developments in the meeting room space.

There’s already technology in development to bind the room and the technology together, rather than just plugging in the technology, leaving the room untouched. This allows for a greater experience for everyone involved, greater clarity when somebody speaks and a better camera that can eye-track a person speaking so that they feel involved in the meeting.

Speak to a provider of a video conferencing platform today, such as Kinly, and see how they can transform your meeting room!


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