The first Wine Airport in the world, in Moldova!


WINEChisinau International Airport, renamed into „Wine of Moldova Airport”! Moldovans have voted for a new name for the country capital airport, choosing from a dozen of other options.

Many of the participating voters believe that the national wine brand „Wine of Moldova” deserves to be on the Airport façade and that it sends an attractive message to tourists and international community: „Welcome to Moldova – a country of wine!”

„Wine of Moldova” outran lots of other options amongst which were remarkable names for Moldovan Culture, such as Eugen Doga, whose “My Sweet and Tender Beast” is recognized worldwide as the 4th music masterpiece of the XX-th century, the only woman-pilot in Moldova Olga Culic and the fiction fairy-tale characters Pacala and Tandala, as well as other historical and symbolic personalities for this country.

The survey was launched by youth news portal, driven by the idea of finding an original and recognizable name for the only international airport in the country, as in other Western countries. Over 8000 voters participated in the survey.

The country wine brand „Wine of Moldova. A Legend Alive” was created by the entire Moldovan wine industry in 2013, to ensure the unification of the voices promoting Moldovan wine produce on international markets as well as to build and develop the domestic market.

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