The average British dieter aiming to lose a stone in weight


A new survey has found that the average British dieter is aiming to lose a stone lighter than their current weight.

With men wanted to go from an average 11.8 stone to 11.2 stone and women wanting to drop from 10.5 stone to 9.3 stone.

Despite these weight goals, the survey by kitchen specialists,, showed that the average Brit adhered to their diet of choice for an average of just four months.

The data also revealed that less than 10% of respondents intended to make long term changes to their eating habits.

British Dietetic Association spokeswoman, Anna Daniels said: “Fad diets invariably fail as they are often restrictive and don’t take into account individual lifestyle factors.

“For best long term results, focus on making smaller modifications to your current diet over a period time that you then can stick to.”

The survey also asked about the types of diets people were following and found that the low sugar diet was most popular with a quarter of surveyed slimmers cutting out the sweet stuff.

Cutting out carbs is the second most popular food plan in the UK, with a fifth of dieters selecting a low carb or no carb diet, with this dietary option being more popular with men than women.

When asked why the wanted to lose weight the most popular answer amongst men was to avoid health complications (47%), whereas almost half of surveyed woman (48%) said they wanted to make themselves more attractive.

Surprisingly, half of the dieters admitted they didn’t count calories and men were less likely to count calories than women

Mikael Anderson from said, “It’s great that more and more Brits are taking steps to combat obesity however it’s worrying to see that so many efforts are being wasted with ineffective methods, such as not counting calories.”

Chocolate was voted the most difficult food to give up (40%), followed by cheese (27%), bread (26%), alcohol (24%) and cake (21%).


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