The advantages of hiring tools and equipment


Whether you are planning to improve your home or whether you are running your own business, tool rental is an option to use for your projects. This can save you a significant sum, reduce project time, and greatly reduce long-term costs, saving money in several key areas.

Let’s look at how tool hire provides these solutions.

Tool Rental Saving Time for Money the Home Owner

If you have a big project that requires a mini excavator such as a driveway or you want to get rid of stubborn bushes hiring a mini digger will allow you to push the project forward. Breaking up a drive or even digging out bushes using conventional tools is slow and extremely hard work. Project time is increased considerably, and the chances are morale will fade.

Hiring a tool such as a mini excavator will ensure your morale is maintained and swift significant progress can be made.

In terms of costs, mini digger hire rather than buying one outright is really the only solution. Even if you have a big project and will need the digger for several months, purchasing brand new costs thousands of pounds. Buy a secondhand digger and you are still faced with a large outlay and you cannot be certain that the digger is going to be in good working order.

Once finished, what are you going to do with your mini excavator?

Renting a mini digger and other specialist tools for your project ensures that what you have is in good working order, you only have to hire it when you need it, and you will not have the responsibility of regular servicing and maintenance.

Mini Excavator Hire to the Rescue for Business Owners

If you’re a small business owner then tool rental is the best option. Outright purchases of large equipment such as a mini excavator bring their own problems. Consider:

  • They require servicing and maintenance which can take them out of action when you need them, and this poses additional costs and responsibilities
  • Any repairs to the equipment are down to you both in terms of finding a company that can repair them and in terms of paying that company
  • They require secure storage when not in use. If you have a digger on your premises you need to ensure they do not get stolen. Tools of this nature are often targeted by thieves. Security layers such as CCTV, secure gates, and burger alarms bring additional costs
  • Should one of your mini excavators be stolen, you will have the unneeded hassle of sorting out the insurance claim. Often, thanks to excesses and other factors you will not receive a great settlement for the theft and your insurance premiums will be driven upwards for the following year
  • Mini excavators and other important tools require some form of insurance. Again, this is an additional cost you simply do not need eating into your revenue. Hiring tools when you need them is a far more cost-effective solution
  • If your usage of tools such as mini excavators is infrequent is it worth a large outlay? Probably not. Tool rental allows you to pick one up when you need it and return it when once finished

You’ll do a Better Job

They say a bad workman always blames his or her tools. This may well be true providing they have the right tool in the first place. Talk to any professional construction worker and they will tell you that it is essential you use the right tool for what you are trying to achieve.

Should you decide to not hire the right tools when you need them, you could well ‘botch’ the job and at the end of your hard work, you may find what you have made does not match the image of it you had in your head.

A driveway, for example, may slope too much or look out of alignment. The edges might curve a little where they should be straight. You could have an uneven surface. Every time you look at your creation you may well feel a little bit down and crestfallen.

If, however, you use a good tool rental business, your outlay and efforts will be better rewarded by what you have achieved.

Tool rental offers both the homeowner and the business owner cost-effective options for mini digger hire and other specialist tools. There are instances where only a specialist tool will allow projects to progress and be completed to a good standard.

From a business owner perspective, they allow you to bypass administration and cost headaches that is demanded from you for outright ownership, which if you factor in Health and Safety regulations, will require you to hire a small army of administrators to keep on top of the paperwork.

For best results and fewer hassles, use tool hire.



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