Teenager convicted of pooping in stranger’s car


A teenager has been convicted of DEFECATING in a stranger’s car after mistaking the vehicle for his girlfriend’s.

The shocked owner of a 2001 Honda Civic found Austin Horries Purifoy pulling his trousers up on the back seat – with faeces on the floor of the car.

According to court documents filed in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Purifoy then said: “Is this your car? I thought it was Desiree’s car.”

Police were led to the 19-year-old after following a trail of footprints from the car – finding Purifoy in a nearby ditch after he fled from the scene.

Things were made worse for the owner of the soiled Civic when he was turned away by staff of a nearby car wash – forcing the gentleman to clean the mess himself.

District Attorney prosecutor Michael Heitz said: “I’ve been in this office three years now and it’s the first case where I’ve seen something like that happen.

“It’s an unusual case to say the least and hopefully this was a one-time thing for him.”

The teenager, who is joining the US Army, pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal property damage and attempted breaking and entering shortly before Monday’s scheduled court date, according to Las Cruces Sun Times.

He apologised for his actions and has repaid $349.17 to fix the broken window of a nearby business and paid the car’s owner $154.90 to fix his car window.

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