Techno-Thriller poses critical questions about how world leaders will prevent nuclear war


An author’s thriller novel is posing uncomfortable questions about how world leaders would deal with a NUCLEAR WAR.

Réal Laplaine book Twilight Visitor is quickly becoming a cult classic on Amazon after it was publishe earlier this year.

The story depicts China invading Iran to take the country’s abundant oil fields – but the Middle Eastern country reacts by firing a nuclear warhead at Beijing.

Réal’s book looks at how world leaders deal with the possibility of a full-scale nuclear world war.

Novelist David Luddington, said: ‘Twilight Visitor is a high concept thriller that is comparable with the best of Dan Brown or Jack Higgins.’ said : ‘The story races along with (the) pace of a Tom Clancy thriller …’

Amazon Hall of Famer reviewer Grady Harp added: ‘Though there are many reasons why Réal Laplaine’s writing is so captivating – his sense of bizarre stories, his ability to make the surreal seem more real than(prfire) our known reality, the underlying philosophical issues about the future of mankind his stories raise, his seeming grasp of the unknown – but chief among the qualities of his success is the eloquence of his manipulation of language. In a few sentences he is able to paint a character with such seductive skill that we are unable to leave the storyline…’

Réal Laplaine was born in Montreal, Canada and later moved to America, where he worked for many years. He now lives in Sweden.

Twilight Visitor depicts two stories, which ultimately converge as one, covering a period of just twenty-four hours as the global crisis reaches a boiling point; and at the same time, on the opposite side of the planet, an almost idyllic juxtaposition to the Sino-Persian conflict, the story takes us deep into the world of a single man, a bioengineer, sitting on a deserted beach in Portugal, trying to resolve his dysfunctional life; and the mystery woman he meets who reveals to him that he alone holds the answer to stopping the impending nuclear war.


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