Taragui, specialized in mate


The mate is a drink with many consumers around the world, especially in South America, where consumption is very widespread.

The yerba mate taragui has great nutritional qualities, due to its complete composition. Numerous studies attest the influence of this drink on the health of the person, obtaining very good results of improvement before certain ailments.

Cultivation of mate

The cultivation of this herb is carried out in recognized countries like Argentina, Paraguay and even the south of Brazil, where the meteorological conditions and of the land make it suitable to obtain the best raw material.

The mate is part of the daily life of an Argentinean, it is considered within the population an additional need of the body as drinking or eating. Its consumption is widely spread in homes, workplaces and even in universities, where its students enjoy this wonderful liquid delight. Mate should also be considered a social custom, which allows to establish great bonds between people.

The importance of nutrition

The mate brings numerous benefits to people’s health, due to its rich composition in nutrients and substances necessary for the proper functioning of the body in any circumstance. It is famous the use of this drink at high temperatures, being advisable to be careful those users who are going to try it for the first time.

Recharging batteries

Its content in coffee, allows to increase the levels of concentration in people, obtaining good results in those students who require a high performance in their activities. It also contains a large number of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which allow to obtain a correct balance and counteract those negative effects produced by coffee consumption, such as the absence of extreme sleep.

Weight loss

The composition of the mate, allows to increase the performance and the capacity of the metabolism, obtaining a considerable increase of the energetic values in the organism. It is also highly recommended for sportsmen and women, as it prevents the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles after the performance of sport, which is popularly known as aches and pains.

Also the mate favors the decrease of corporal weight, allowing to burn more quickly those harmful fats that colonize the body. It also has satiating properties, getting the person to consume less food than necessary for survival and maintenance of health.

Digestive and cardiovascular system

Mate contributes to a correct digestion, since it allows a greater stimulation of bile, reducing to minimum values those harmful bacteria that colonize the stomach. In the past, Argentine grandmothers already advised the ingestion of this product, with the aim of combating the heavy meals that are so annoying during the day.

Benefits are also obtained at the level of the cardiovascular system, since it allows a continuous mobilization of fats through the bloodstream, avoiding the accumulation in the arterial walls and giving rise to the dreaded blood obstructions.


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