Tamsin Greig narrates Roobarb and Custard digital appbooks

Tamsin Greig
Tamsin Greig

Actress Tamsin Greig has taken her unique style to children’s stories – by narrating the cult-classic Roobarb and Custard.

The creators marked  the 40th anniversary of the madcap cartoon pair by releasing a digital appbook.

They asked life-long fan Tamsin to narrate the action, which will be released as three separate appbooks.

Each brings together original script, animations and interactive stories with the new, unique digital format.

Tamsin said she was ‘thrilled’ to be asked to narrate the series.

‘I’m delighted to be re-voicing the Roobarb and Custard stories,’ she said.

‘I was a fan of the cartoons as a child (particularly the music) and loved the madcap antics and innocent bravado of the Roobarb hero.

‘I feel very flattered to be asked to step into the shoes of the late, great Richard Briers, particularly as some of his original interpretations are also being used in each appbook.

‘I hope that I can do justice to his deft playfulness. Introducing Roobarb and Custard to a whole new generation of tech-savvy youngsters can only be a good idea.’

The interactive appbook follows Roobarb who is planning a magnificent model aeroplane race and invites all his friends to join in. Mole, Rabbit and Rookie all line up with their planes to compete, but Custard has made his own sneaky plans with the dodgy Bovver Birds to get his paws on the prize, a scrumptious golden sponge cake.

This official Roobarb and Custard app includes new animations, interactions on every page, record-your-own audio feature and includes original music from the hit TV show.

The original 1970s cartoon was voiced by the late Richard Briers and although much of the recording still exists, a creative decision was made to release the apps with a new tone. Fans of the original series will still experience the iconic music and soundbites of Briers throughout the app.

The Roobarb and Custard series joins Box of Frogs’ successful portfolio of children’s digital content. A recent start-up the company brings a team of highly skilled authors, illustrators, animators, producers and developers together from their Brighton based studio where they interactive digital stories.

Boss Ben Simpson said: ‘We are incredibly excited to be working on such an iconic brand, I watched and loved Roobarb and Custard as a boy and can’t wait to bring the digital stories to a new generation of fans.’

The first book:When Custard Was Grounded can be downloaded onto iOS through the iTunes store .


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