Swedish businessman reveals how he LEFT his company but still gets paid


A Swedish businessman has revealed the secret ‘exit strategy’ he used to leave the company he started – and still get paid.

Bengt Alvang built up profitable company from scratch and established it in 13 cities with over 30 employees.

But he then handed the management over to  new CEO while retaining ownership – and collecting profits every month.

Bengt now believes his methods will be the envy of thousands of business owners who want to keep their company while also making more free time to pursue other projects.

He has written the book ‘How To create Happiness’ – available on Amazon – which reveals the mindset and knowledge necessary to build up and then really get out – while maintaining ownership.

Bengt said: ‘What is seldom discussed is that the company many times becomes a trap. Long after the thrill is gone, many company owners – who don’t want to sell the company – find themselves trapped by time consuming obligations and a constant worry that drains them of creativity and power.

‘A big risk for that company – and a big risk for the health of the owner.

‘The book reveals that the exit strategy begins long before the exit, and it will explain to many entrepreneurs why they haven´t been able to really reach the point where they can step off and turn it over to others.’

‘The reason owners can´t let go is the same reason they never really reach the stability and viability they thrive for with their company. And on top of this, their health often suffers from too much strain and worry – which can be avoided. The principles outlined in the book apply to any pursued dream or life project, and it tells in a distinct way how to avoid the pitfalls that can endanger success.’


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