Steven Gerrard in Twitter pledge


Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has revealed he’ll join Twitter this summer – but only if his best mate gets 50,000 followers.

Steven Gerrard in Twitter pledge

The 30-year-old midfielder will join the likes of Rio Ferdinand, Michael Owen and Cristiano Ronaldo on the social network if actor buddy Paul McGrattan reaches the milestone.

McGrattan, who is inseparable from the England star, revealed the pledge this afternoon while relaxing in sun-drenched Merseyside.

The actor, 33, tweeted under his name @PaulGrat1: ”LFC Captain says he might, just might get a Twitter for the start of next season. But I have to get to 50,000 followers by August!”

His comment was then re-tweeted by Empire of the Kop to its 140,000 followers – which sent Twitter into overload with Gerrard fans desperate for their hero to join the social network.

McGrattan later tweeted: ”Here’s something for the doubters”, before uploading a picture of him and Gerrard relaxing in a garden with Gerrard holding up five fingers and his mate signalling a zero.


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