Spirits bar: Ghostly face captured in country pub


There are no shortage of spirits at this country pub – after regulars captured this chilling image of a ghostly face peering in through a window.

The haunting apparition suddenly appeared on the back door of the 15th century Bells Inn at Almeley, Herefordshire, before disappearing within seconds.

Stunned Lisa Lewis took a snap of the image, which clearly shows the eyes, nose, mouth and chin of a ghoulish figure.

She reckons the photo, taken on September 30, proves her suspicions that the centuries-old pub is haunted.

The 39-year-old, who lives at the pub with fiance Jason, also 39, and children Matthew, two, and Sophie, four, said: ”The customers were all as freaked out as us.

”Nobody knew where it had come from.

”It could not have been someone pressing their head up against the glass because there was a spider’s cobweb web on the glass that had not been broken.

”We have noticed some unusual activity here before.

”We have heard footsteps upstairs when nobody has been up there and the cleaner once saw a woman at the window of one of our unused rooms.

”It doesn’t put me off living here though – as long as the ghost doesn’t start coming up to me!”

A fortnight ago this haunting face was snapped in a cloud formation while another photographer pictured a shape similar to the evil horseman from the Lord of the Rings.


  1. I don’t think it is someone’s face – I don’t think you could get something that accurate plus there are cobwebs obstructing where a human face could go

    I don’t think it’s ghostly either – all very weird


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