Soldier proposes to his girlfriend with scuba divers holding sign in a giant FISH TANK


A lovestruck soldier popped the question at an aquarium – with scuba divers holding a ‘will you marry me?’ sign in a giant FISH TANK.

Devoted Jordan Parnell, 21, took unsuspecting girlfriend Nikita Robinson for a day out at a marine life centre.

The couple were then plucked from the audience during a lecture about the ocean – and asked to stand next to a massive fish tank.

Royal Engineer Jordan Parnell with his girlfriend Nikita Robinson
Royal Engineer Jordan Parnell with his girlfriend Nikita Robinson

Two divers then suddenly swam up to the glass and unfolded a massive banner reading: “Nikita will you marry me?”.

Romantic Jordan then dropped to one knee to complete the elaborate proposal – and thrilled Nikita, 21, duly accepted.

Jordan, a member of the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers, decided to ask her to marry him after he arrived hone from Afghanistan on leave.

He contacted bosses at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, Devon, who were happy to volunteer their tank and a couple of divers.

Jordan, from Paignton, Devon, said: “I’d managed to keep it a secret from Nikita, which is good because she doesn’t like surprises.


The moment that Jordan Parnell proposed to Nikita at the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth
The moment that Jordan Parnell proposed to Nikita at the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth

“She kept her back to the tank and no-one else knew what was going on. Then after a few minutes of talk the sign floated up with the divers and the audience just gasped.

“I dropped to one knee and Nikita was in tears, everyone just started clapping. It couldn’t have gone better.”

Jordan and Nikita met 11 years ago when they were put into the same form at school and became best friends.

He said: “It just went from there, and now we’ve decided to get married. I’d been thinking about proposing to Nikita for a while, wondering how to do it and I thought of the aquarium.

“I emailed them and asked if it was possible. They were really helpful, making the whole thing work.

“We are just buying our own flat, sorting finances and I have to go back to Afghanistan so it will be a while before we get married – maybe two years.”

Nikita, an admin worker for a property group, said she nearly ruined Jordan’s surprise because she didn’t want to queue to go into the aquarium.

She said: “He’d planned it all out. He even had fast-track tickets to jump the queue so I couldn’t refuse.

“When they asked for a volunteer his hand shot up and he made me put my hand up too. I wouldn’t normally do that because I’m nervous in front of large crowds.

“I had my back to the glass and they were playing a game with the audience. Then the diver popped up with the proposal and the whole crowd started clapping and cheering.

“I turned around to find Jordan on one knee asking me to marry him. I cuddled him and gave him an immediate yes.

“It was the best present anyone could have ever given me.”


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