Social Media Trends in 2017



About 30 years ago, people have used the radio, TV, and newspapers in order to get information. That’s why businesses have invested in ads on these types of media. At the same time, the majority of people were using their landlines to communicate with each other. Today, the situation is completely different thanks to the Internet and social media platforms. Millions of men and women are using popular social media networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for communication, shopping and other purposes. In other words, social media networks play very important role in the lives of millions of people. This is the main reason why people must follow the latest social media trends.

1. Chatbots

This is a new concept that was introduced about one year ago. In case you didn’t know, they represent an AI (artificial intelligence) tool that has an ability to answer to comments and questions of users. Many social media networks are using beta versions of these so-called chatbots in order to keep potential customers on their platforms.

2. Investing in social media followers

Now here’s another interesting trend that we are witnessing these days. Namely, more and more businesses are aware that a small number of followers can’t help them share their business message and improve their sales. That’s why they are looking for different ways to invest in social media follower growth. Some of them are purchasing followers through reputable social media follower/fan service providers. There are also business owners who are using the services of so-called influencers, members of social media networks that have a huge base of fans and followers. A single tweet or status update recommending certain social media accounts can result in an instant increase of the number of followers. There are few other ways in which individuals and organizations can boost the number of followers.

3. Social messaging

Social messaging is not something new, but in the last few months, this form of communication has reached record high levels of popularity. In fact, according to some surveys, a huge number of people are using social media networks only because they have an opportunity for quick and clear communication. After all, the management of Facebook has confirmed that their independent Facebook Messenger app is incredibly popular. It is expected that some other social media networks including Twitter and Instagram will come up with a standalone application for communication between their users.

4. Augmented Reality

There are many experts that agree that augmented reality is the next big thing in the world of social media. In fact, Snapchat was the first social media platform to include AR features in its work. Namely, a few months ago, they have presented the virtual selfie lenses. The managements of other networks have confirmed that they are working on finding ways of implementing augmented reality in their platforms too.

Remember that these are just some of the many trends in social media today. By following the latest news, you will be up to date with the latest changes.


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