Social Media Site is Giving Away a Million Shares for Christmas


sharesSocial networking site Paybookclub is giving a million customers the chance to own shares in the company this Christmas.

The shares that are being offered to customers include a free mobile membership for the social network, and will lead to other rewards such as a loyalty bonus.

The social site operates by rewarding its users for posting their content on its platform, allowing them to earn cash for every like and share they receive on their posts, as well as money for time spent on the network.

The Paybookclub App, which can be downloaded free from Google Play, the app store and from the networks’ own website, is a feature rich social network where you can have all the fun you normally have with your friends and family on social networks, with an extra layer of security as all accounts are required to be verified.

The social network was developed by Capexsales Ltd, a marketing firm based in the West Midlands, to offer people an alternative to Facebook and other social networking sites. The primary difference with Paybookclub is the monetary incentives and increased levels of safety it offers. Users not only feel completely safe using the platform, but they’re also able make money for their time spent browsing social media on a daily basis.

Paybookclub has now launched a Sign Up Million Members campaign, which gives details of the company shares scheme, as well as further information on the offer of a free membership and loyalty scheme. You can find these terms of service on the company’s website –

Shred Pillai, XX at Paybookclub, commented: “Usually on social media, the average person will share their photo or their witty status, and although the post is that users’ property, companies across the social network will repost or repurpose the content and the person who posted it will get nothing.

“Paybookclub aims to stop this kind of behaviour by rewarding the users who share their content and who receive likes or shares from their followers. It is our aim for Paybookclub to become the global marketplace for content where millions will find gainful employment for a lifetime.”

Amit Verma, CEO of Innovellent Technologies, the software partner of Paybookclub, added: “Paybookclub offers tomorrow’s technology today, ensuring the highest security to members with fingerprint/iris scan and encryption. Paybookclub app is just a front end for a fast and highly scalable web application based on Mongo DB™, AWS™, sophisticated analytics and PUSH communication. One of the new features to be introduced is screening of full length movies which will address the piracy problem in the industry.”
For more information on Paybookclub or Capexsales LTD, please visit and get in touch with one of their expert team.


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