Smokers spend one year of their lives on fag breaks


The average smoker wastes more than ONE YEAR of their working lives on fag breaks – despite the credit crunch, it was revealed yesterday.

Smokers take four 15-minute smoking breaks a day – costing employers 240 working hours a year.

That’s a staggering 10,680 hours during the average puffer’s working lifetime of 44.5 years – which equates to 445 days spent ‘having a fag’.

The study of 2.500 adults by also found four out of five smokers did not cut down on fagbreaks during the economic downturn.

It also emerged women are still the biggest culprits, spending longer outside gassing over a cigarette than men.

A spokesman said: ”The average smoker is taking their colleagues and bosses for a ride.

”Working an hour less than everyone else these days is shocking. Every office in the country has people standing outside smoking.

”These stats are bound to be annoying for employers, who are essentially paying people to puff away.

”And it will also irritate non-smokers, who wouldn’t get away with taking four 15 minute coffee breaks every day.”

The study also found one in ten smokers will regularly nip outside just for a chat, without actually even lighting up.

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