Sleeping with the enemy: Hitler’s bedsheets for sale


Two pieces of Adolf Hitler’s personally-monogrammed bed linen are expected to fetch more than #3,000 when they go under the hammer at auction next week.

Sleeping with the enemy: Hitler's bedsheets for sale

The German Fuhrer lived in extravagant style whilst he waged war on Europe – right down to the sheets and pillowcases on his bed.

Hitler’s personal linen was lavishly embroidered with his own stylised Third Reich eagle, perched astride a swastika inside a circle and flanked by his AH monogram.

A white linen single bedsheet and a pillowcase slip from Hitler’s Prinzregentstrasse apartment in Munich are to be sold by auctioneers Dreweatts in their militaria sale in Bristol next Tuesday (Nov 29).

The single sheet – Hitler and Eva Braun slept in separate beds – measures 168cm by 125cms with the pillowcase being 74cm by 77.

Dreweatts’ militaria specialist Malcolm Claridge said: ”It is extremely rare to find pieces of Hitler’s bed linen embroidered with his personal motif and monogram coming to the market.

”These items were bought in Germany by a private collector some years ago.

”After Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide in 1945, his housekeeper Anny Winter removed a lot of personal items from his Prinzregentstrasse apartment for safekeeping to save them from looters.

”Anny Winter was Hitler’s housekeeper for 16 years from 1929 to 1945 and in recent years, a lot of Hitler’s personal possessions have begun to surface on the auction market – particularly in Germany.

”We have put an estimate of #2,000 to #3,000 on Hitler’s bed linen and we’ve already received a lot of interest.”

* Dreweatts’ militaria auction on NOV 29 in Bristol.



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