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How to Select the Perfect Bed for Your New Home


There are many things to look forward to when you are planning to move into a new home. You may be excited about putting some colour on the walls, planting a garden, or hanging some artwork. One thing people notice when moving to a house is that they need more furniture to fill up the extra space. The bedrooms are a great place to start applying a personal touch. The centre of a bedroom is often the bed. You might want to run out and purchase a new bed right away, however, you may not make the best choice in a hurry. There are a few things to consider before making a purchase.


Every bedroom has a different activity level. The master bedroom is often a high traffic area for families with children and pets. A bed may be used for more than just the adults in the home. It can help to think about how often your children come into your room at night, if at all. While the old fashioned tall beds are popular right now, these do not work well with young children, babies, and pets. If you have young children climbing in and out of your bed on a regular basis, a model lower to the ground can help to keep them safe.

Babies have a lot of equipment. Some of their sleeping arrangements consist of items that attach to the parent’s bed. You may also find yourself having to get up several times a night for feedings and diaper changes. Your bed may need to be at a good level for an attached co-sleeper or be easy to get in and out of. Be sure the size of the bed is cooperative with centre of the room placement, as well. Parents of young children both need to have an exit for middle of the night situations. A large bed that has to be placed in the corner makes it necessary for one person to climb over the other to get out.

Pets also add a different activity level to the bedroom and bed. Many people allow their pets to sleep in the bed. A tall bed may work for cats and large dogs. Aging animals, and small pets may not be able to make their way up into a high bed, however. Keep in mind how your bed is used on a daily basis while you are out shopping. Try using a website such as Bed SOS for great bedding ideas without breaking the bank.


The size of the bedroom should also be taken into consideration when you are thinking about purchasing a new bed. The master bedroom in most homes is usually large enough to accommodate a bed with more decorative pieces. Large headboards, four poster beds, and wide legs, all take up extra space. Kid’s rooms are usually much smaller and may look better with a simpler frame. Bunkbeds or loft beds can help keep a room from looking cluttered, especially if multiple children are sharing a room. Beds often look much smaller in the store because the display area is so large. It is a good idea to take measurements of your room before you look around, as well. Take your measuring device with you to the store, so you can make sure the dimensions add up.

Your bed size also depends on how many people sleep in the bed. Couples usually buy a double sized frame, at least. Queen and king bed frames are more popular, however, since they allow for a variety of sleeping positions by both parties. Parents may also prefer to allow some extra space for kids who come wandering into their room in the night. Don’t forget to consider how much room your pets use, as well.

Kids may only need a twin-size bed. Young children and babies use beds that accommodate a crib or toddler size mattress. Many baby cribs come in styles that work for older children, too. These beds transition to a toddler, twin, or full-size bed as the child grows. This is a great option for parents who wish to keep from buying a new bed at each growth milestone. If you are planning to have more children soon after, however, this use of the crib may not be feasible. The number of kids sharing a room should also be taken into consideration. At some point, bunk beds become the only space saving choice. These do, however, come in many styles. A twin over twin set fits nicely in the same amount of space that one twin bed takes up. The “L” shaped styles are nice if the room has a spacious corner area. Older kids can enjoy a full-size bottom bunk, while younger siblings sleep on a twin size top bunk with some variations. Kid’s rooms are meant for play, so the bed size should allow for plenty of floor space.


Kids add a new level of wear and tear on furniture. Kid’s rooms need to be equipped with durable furniture so that it stays intact throughout their younger years. Beds for children can stay looking nice longer if they are made out of harder wood. Soft woods, like pine and cedar can be scratched or dented easily. Beds for children may look good longer if they are made out of hardwoods, like cherry or oak.

Your child’s personality should also be a factor when you are choosing their bed. Some children are naturally more active than others. If you have a climber or a jumper, you may want to purchase a bed that can be easily attached to the wall for safety. Four-poster beds are also not a good idea for children that climb on things. Be sure that the bed has a durable foundation for the mattress, as well.

Placement and Décor

Decide on the placement of your bed before you go to pick it out. This way you know how much room you have to work with. If you are buying an entire bedroom set, the entire space should be measured. If you already have other furniture in the room, arrange it first and measure the space where you plan to put your bed. Existing furniture may also have a specific finish or design that needs to be matched. It can help to take pictures with you to the store to better find something that coordinates well. Wall colour, artwork, and flooring also play a part in the décor of a bedroom. Different styles, materials, and finishes all determine how a bed fits with your special style. A wrought iron bed, for example, may look best with old fashioned quilts and rugs. A wooden bed with simple lines and a dark finish may accentuate a modern atmosphere. Look for a style that makes you love being in your new room.


Prices often depend on the type of wood, or other material that a bed is made of. Hardwoods are often more expensive. They are, however, an investment. Hardwood furniture usually lasts through generations of family members. Determine your budget prior to shopping. You are more likely to find the perfect bed at a good price if you are not in a hurry to purchase. You can spend some time looking around and then wait for sales. If you have your mind set on a certain bed, inquire about sale dates from a store representative.

You can also adjust your expectations if you are working with a tight budget. A similar bed might be available in a different type of wood or colour. Many stores have financing options for large purchases, as well. If you are buying beds for more than one family member you may be able to secure a discount by buying them all at the same store. Quality furniture is worth the extra money, if you can afford to splurge. It is likely to be more durable, and longer-lasting. Higher priced furniture often comes with lengthy warrantees to guarantee quality. Never assume quality, however. Research the company you are purchasing from, as well as the brand listed on the bed you choose.

Sleep on It

You can’t literally sleep on a store bed, obviously. The old saying goes, however, that you should “sleep on it” when you are making a big decision. Once you have narrowed down your choices, go ahead and take a break from the bed search. Take a few days to imagine the new bed in your personal space and recheck your measurements. Sometimes after you step back from the chaos, the decision becomes very easy.

Selecting the perfect bed for your new home is a personal choice. Only you know exactly what kind of frame, durability, and colour that you want in your home. Sometimes it takes several shopping trips and online research to find the right one for your home. There are many things to consider. A bed needs to fit into your lifestyle, décor, and budget. Families with children and pets have a few extra situations to think about when choosing a new bed. It is worth the time and effort to find the right bed. Choose a bed that complements your established décor and artistic surroundings. The right one is sure to make you feel at home.



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