Securing your fleet assets


Whether you run a fleet of 2-10 vehicles or have an army of wheels on the road, securing your assets when they are in the yard and out on jobs is essential. By taking control of your fleet you can increase efficiency, monitor behaviour and protect your vehicles from both theft and vandalism. Here we explore how you can secure your fleet assets.

Take clear operational control

The first important step in protecting fleet assets is in knowing who has the vehicle and when they have it. The most simple means of doing this is with a check in and check out system. Making the employee who has the vehicle responsible for it when it is in their care and keeping track of this will ensure that you can always identify when damage was caused or when the anticipated mileage occurred. For this system to work you need to put a rigorous set of checks and controls in place to ensure your fleet assets return in the condition that you sent them out.

Securing fleet assets on site

Securing the fleet assets on the site when you are not operating is very important. When all of the vehicles are parked at your warehouse this is when they are most likely to be vandalised or stolen because they are not protected by people working around them. At night the vehicles should be locked into a compound and should be observed either digitally by cameras or by a security guard. This is the best way to prevent reckless damage, break-ins, vandalism and theft.

Securing fleet assets on the road

One of the hardest times to secure your fleet is when the vehicles are out on jobs. Drivers may misuse the vehicles or may be deviating from the route without reason, but with business fleet tracking you can stop this from happening. With this GPS system you can track where your vehicles are, see what speed they are travelling at and can keep track of them. You can set alerts when vans head off course too so you can quickly realise if a van is behaving strangely and identify that it has been stolen. A GPS system in your fleet vehicles will offer you security at all times and can help you to keep on top of your entire fleet from one location.

Maximising productivity of your fleet assets

As well as damage and theft, another risk to your fleet assets is unproductive use. With most vans it can be very difficult to know if your employees are using them properly and are working at the correct rate to get the job done, but when you install a business fleet tracking system in the vehicle then you can benefit from a monitoring system that allows you to ensure you are getting productive use from the vans. You will be able to monitor the route, monitor speeds, track progress and maintain full control of your fleet with a business fleet tracking system.

Protecting your fleet assets

It is worth investing in your fleet asset security to ensure that you are able to protect the fleet from damage or loss and are able to get full productivity out of it too. Damage, theft and unproductive use of a fleet can cost you enormous amounts each year, so the investment in a secure compound and in business fleet tracking systems will be well worth it within just a short period of time. Protecting your fleet assets is vital in ensuring that they maintain their value and work effectively for you.


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