School apologises after teacher tells children that UKIP is a racist party

Bridge Learning Campus i Bristol
Bridge Learning Campus i Bristol

A school has been forced to apologise after a teacher listed UKIP – as a RACIST party.

The party was named alongside far-right groups the British National Party and the English Defence League during a class discussion about relationships and tolerance.

It was listed on a slide headed ‘The Rise of Racist Groups’, with an explanation stating: “You have the right to believe what you want – but if you have racist ideas and discriminate against a group of people – THEN YOU ARE A RACIST.”

Bridge Learning Campus i Bristol
Bridge Learning Campus i Bristol

But the blunder caused uproar among UKIP representatives, with one party councillor calling for an investigation to be conducted.

The slide was shown at Bridge Learning Campus, in Hartcliffe, Bristol, on Wednesday.

Michael Frost, Bristol’s first UKIP councillor, said: “Was it a deliberate attempt to link UKIP to far right and extremist groups like the EDF and the Neo Nazis, and show a political bias?

“If this isn’t the case, why is the teacher doing teaching something as politically sensitive as this without understanding what the groups stand for?

“At that young age, pupils have got knowledge-thirsty minds and something like this could give them a false impression of a legitimate mainstream party, showing them to be something they are not.”

Mr Frost added he believed the teacher responsible should be suspended from their duties until a thorough investigation has been carried out.

“The teacher has a serious responsibility in the education of our young people. Whether deliberate or naive, this is serious,” he said.

John Langley, UKIP’s Bristol spokesman, said: “This is outrageous and highly inflammatory given that some students may live in Hengrove where we have an elected councillor who is very much anti-racist.

“It is a dangerous attempt to defame UKIP as we head towards another election, and leaves Bridge Learning Campus in an untenable position of showing inappropriate political bias contrary to law.”

Mr Langley said the teaching material was in breach of the 1996 Education Act, which states that bias should be avoided when teaching political issues.

He said the matter had been referred to HM Inspectorate of Education and Ofsted.

Mark Davies, chief executive of the school, said: “The slide was used in a class discussion about community relationships and tolerance, and was designed to stimulate debate among our pupils.

“It was a mistake for UKIP to have been listed along with the other groups, and I have apologised to the party for its inclusion.

“The reference has been removed from the slide and the teacher concerned has apologised and we have taken steps to ensure it will not reappear in future.”


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