Branded! Russel Brand fan has his signature tattooed on her bottom

Tattoo on her backside
Tattoo on her backside

Superfan Leonie Rickards has quite literally been branded – with a tattoo of Russell Brand’s signature on her bottom.

The 18-year-old brunette got the randy star to sign her breast and backside after meeting him at a comedy gig.

She then turned the scrawl into a permanent reminder of their meeting by getting a tattoo artist to trace over the signature.

Tattoo on her backside
Tattoo on her backside

Bubbly Leonie, who works as a waitress in Cheddar, Somerset, said: “I was able to meet him due to me luring him in by saying if he signed me I would get it tattooed.

“He happily took up the challenge and began to sign my boob. I then said that I wanted my bum signed, so he signed both and gave me a kiss. The next day I got his name tattooed.”

Superfan Leonie Rickards
Superfan Leonie Rickards
Russell Brand is happy to have his name on women's bottoms
Russell Brand is happy to have his name on women’s bottoms

Leonie, who studies Travel and Tourism at Weston University, cornered Brand in a theatre foyer after his recent gig in the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare.

She said: “Russell Brand is my favourite celebrity, other than Michael Jackson. But since Michael Jackson is dead, Russell is now my favourite. I love him.”

Brand arrived in the seaside Somerset town under a storm of controversy after he branded it a ‘junky town’ on Twitter.


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