Residents recieve wall warning over damage by vandals


Residents whose walls have been knocked down by vandals are furious after the police warned them THEY could face court action over the mess.

Yobs have left bricks strewn across an alleyway where they loiter behind houses and hurl missiles at windows.

But two PCSOs knocked on nearby homes and told the owners they could be legally liable if any of the youths tripped on a brick and hurt themselves.

The outraged owner of one wall, who wished to remain anonymous, said: ”The two police officers came round and said the mess is our fault because we’re responsible for the wall.

”It’s the youths who’ve caused the damage but the police said that we would be prosecuted if we didn’t get it fixed.

”It’s an absolutely outrageous situation where people can behave like this then be protected by the law if they injure themselves.”

Gangs of youths have gathered in the alleyways in Worcester and caused trouble more than two years.

Residents have complained of teenagers dealing drugs, drinking and even having sex in the area.

Yobs have repeatedly destroyed fences in the alleyway and loose bricks have been hurdled at windows.

Residents tried to stop the anti-social behaviour by blocking off the alleyway but were told that it would breach access rights.

A mum-of-two in her 30s who lives near the alley said: ”Some of the behaviour happening in the alleyway has been utterly appalling.

”Police should be trying to catch those responsible of making our lives a misery, not targeting innocent people and threatening to arrest them.”

Local policing sergeant John Lawrence said: ”Bricks from an adjacent wall were in the alleyway and a PCSO did give the owner of the wall some friendly advice.

”She pointed out he could be liable if anyone injured themselves as a result of the bricks being left in the alleyway and it would be in his own interests to move them.

”We have received a lot of positive feedback from residents on all of the ongoing work by police and other agencies.”


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