Racing pigeon found 300 miles off course covered in volcanic dust


A racing pigeon has been found more than 300 miles off course covered in DUST – thought to be from the Icelandic VOLCANO.

The bird – nicknamed Bobby – was released from Tullymoore in the Irish Republic and was due to fly to Ballyclare in Northern Ireland

But instead of flying north he flew south and crash landed 309 miles (497km) off course in Teignmouth, Devon.

Homeowner Wendy Matthews spotted him on her roof and when she coaxed him down noticed he was covered in a layer of white dust.

It is thought the bird flew into a dust cloud from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano which disrupted its natural homing beacon.

Wendy said: ”We don’t know whether the dust from the volcano had anything to do with it. He was very dusty, a grey colour, and kept fluffing his feathers up to clear it up.”

She has now traced Bobby’s owners by using details from a registration ring on the pigeon’s leg to search an internet database.

They are now deciding how to get Bobby back to Northern Ireland without him having to fly.

Wendy said: ”He’s a bit worn out at the moment, so if anyone’s got any ideas about how we could get the pigeon back he would really appreciate a lift.”


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