Quick ways to get your garden BBQ ready

Pic Credit - Pexels
Pic Credit - Pexels
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British summertime; to say it can be difficult to predict when the sun is going to make an appearance would be an understatement. One minute you can be caught in the midst of a downpour of biblical proportions, the next it can be cracking the flags – so we need to make sure we’re ready to make the most of the good weather at the drop of a hat. So to make sure your garden is as ready for BBQ season as you are; here are some top tips to help.

Create a space

If you’re hosting a BBQ your guests are going to need an area to eat, drink and be merry. Rather than lugging your best dining room chairs outside, (where they will invariably be left in the rain when everyone rushes inside!) invest in some rattan garden furniture that is easy to wipe clean but still comfortable for your party! Patio slabs and decking can sometimes look tired after Winter, so give them a quick clean with a  power hose, to remove any grime and slippery moss.

Keep your lawn tip-top

It goes without saying that mowing the lawn with keep your garden looking tidy and much prettier for guests – not to mention giving any children who may come along a space to play. If your grass is looking a bit worse for wear, buy some grass seeds to and be sure to keep it watered with a sprinkler over the dry patches.

Fill your freezer

It really is true that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach – so make sure you stock your freezer with burgers and hotdogs – both meat and vegetarian – so you’re always prepared. After all, there’s nothing worse than turning up at the supermarket on the hottest day of the year, only to find out that everyone else had the same idea as you and there isn’t a scrap of BBQ food left!

If you’re putting on a bit of a spread, make sure you’re stocked up on dried pasta and some frozen veggies – then it’s always easy to whip up a couple of side dishes if necessary!

Create an ambience

So you’ve got the food sorted, the seating sorted and the lawn looking great – next up is ambience. Add a bit of colour to your garden with some hanging baskets or potted plants, and – if you plan on partying into the night – look at getting some outdoor fairy lights to make the area look magical!


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