Queen guitarist Brian May launches bitter verbal attack on fox hunting Tory


Queen guitarist Brian May joined the election campaign trial with an anti-hunting Labour MP – just days after launching a bitter verbal attack on a foxhunting Tory.

The legendary guitarist – a staunch campaigner for animal welfare – made a public show of support for Dan Norris, the current MP for North East Somerset.

Mr Norris, a leading anti-hunt MP, is facing a close battle for re-election against the hunt supporting Conservative challenger Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The visit came just days after May, 62, called David Parsons, the Conservative leader of Leicestershire County Council, ”a pathetic, arrogant, jumped-up, snivelling little dweeb”.

He was responding to Cllr Parsons’ comments that he was a ”cosseted London rock star” who did not understand rural issues.

May and Norris met voters at the Royal British Legion Club in Keynsham near Bristol before visiting a cafe in Midsomer Norton in the afternoon.

The rock star said: ”Dan has worked bravely on animal welfare issues for years, first campaigning for a ban on hunting, and continuing to stand up for what is right, despite physical attacks and pro-hunt intimidation.

”By contrast his Tory opponent is a hunt supporter, whom it has been reported is benefitting from an influx of people from The Countryside Alliance, outside the constituency, to help with his campaign.”

Mr Norris said: ”Chasing and killing animals for fun is, frankly, uncivilised. Having worked hard to introduce the ban on hunting I will resist Tory plans to reintroduce the unacceptable cruelty of fox hunting, stag hunting and hare coursing.”


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