Pub criticised for selling ‘suicide bomber’ cocktail


A Swansea bar has been forced to issue an apology after selling a cocktail called a ‘suicide bomber’.

The Lounge bar was selling the drink, consisting of absinthe and pineapple juice, as part of a bomb-themed drinks promotion. An advert in the window showed a person wearing an explosive-packed vest.

The Swansea Bay Race Equality Council (SBREC) condemned the advert as “beyond a poor joke” and asked the bar to take it down, but its owners insisted they had not meant to cause offence.

Taha Idris of SBREC told the BBC: “I just can’t believe that anyone could be so insensitive with all that is going on in this world.

“It exploits the plight of those who have suffered at the hands of bombers.”

A spokesperson for the bar said: “It was meant to be humorous because of the strength of the drink which contains absinthe. If anyone has taken offence I apologise. There was no intention to upset anyone.”

Source: Chin Chin


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