Prison inmate charged with murder of serial paedophile


An inmate has been charged with the murder of a serial paedophile at the prison where they were both held, it emerged today.

Robert Coello, 44, was allegedly stamped to death by Lee Foye, 27, in his prison cell at HMP Grendon in August.

Former bus driver Coello, who was jailed for life in 2006 for four counts of rape against a child, was found lying in a pool of blood with severe head injuries.

Prison staff discovered discovered the scene in a G wing cell of the category B prison which treats inmates with antisocial personality disorders.

He was taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury, Bucks., where doctors were unable to save his life after a seven hour battle.

The convicted paedophile had volunteered to move to the prison which is a ”therapeutic community” after an interview to establish he had a ”genuine desire” to change.

He was jailed for a minimum of seven years in 2006 after admitting four rapes and 12 other sexual offences on a schoolgirl.

Sentencing Coello, a former driver for Reading Buses, from Whitley, Berks., Judge Zoe Smith described his offences as the ”worst of their kind”.

Foye is a convicted murderer who was jailed for a minimum of 16 years and eight months in 2006 and was believed to have been at Grendon for six months.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police today confirmed the charge.

He said: ”Twenty-seven-year-old Lee Robert Foye was charged on Monday with murdering 44-year-old Robert Coello at HMP Grendon, Buckinghamshire, on 1 August.

”Foye will appear at Aylesbury Magistrates? Court on Monday, 18 October.”

Former chief inspector of prisons, Dame Anne Owers, last year described Grendon as a ”fundamentally safe place”

HMP Grendon, near Aylesbury, Bucks., was opened in 1962 as an experimental psychiatric prison to treat prisoners with antisocial personality disorders.

The prison has a capacity of 200 and deals with some of the most disturbed inmates in the UK including murderers and sex offenders.

It is believed to be the first time that an inmate has been killed in a category B prison.

Speaking after Coello’s death, a Ministry of Justice spokesman said: ”There has been no change to the type of prisoner held there in recent months, and no change to the vetting process.”


  1. i knew foye and no one would care about him not gettin out if u were his friend he would help u out and if u wernt an assiociate of him then u could have been a target one word bully

  2. I lived next door to Lee for many years and he was nothing but polite, I am not saying what he did to that young girl was acceptable in no way was it, if he is the person I think he knows he deserves his sentence but if a scumbag paedophile was saying what he would do to the children in my family I would kill the scum as well. Murder is not right but if these paedophiles got what they deserved and not ohhhh medical advice to help the scum this would not have happened. Oh and dolino would you have said this to Lee no I think not clever ass. He was a nice guy in the nine years I knew him and it was requested for help for him and always refused to his mother the goverment look after the ones they want or maybe the ones they connect with or have something in common with, why do child abusers get small sentences and a burgerler gets year use your common sense muppet

  3. The only thing Lee Foye has ever been is a poisonous parasite.
    The only thing he deserves is a slow painful death, not to dis similar
    to the movie seven(kept alive just enough to suffer) after all the people
    who loved Lauren Strachan will forever be tortured by her un timely death. People forget he took a mother away from her baby son.
    Paedophiles, murderers should be treated as they have treated others, an eye for an eye. It is disgusting to think people would give sympathy to this animal. Animals belong in cages and should be put down.

  4. I knew Lee Foye. I taught at the school he (occasionally) attended.
    Foye was a piece of shit. Apparently his sentence is now reduced to 16 years, which is absolutely disgusting. His latest victim doesn’t sound exactly wonderful either. But anyone who stands up to defend Foye doesn’t know what they are talking about. From their comments I think you can see they are pretty well illiterate anyway. What a pity we can’t hang trash like Foye because our ‘betters’ in parliament and the Euro parliament tell us we can’t.

  5. Lee is never going to change he will never change in prison but he should be kept in there for suffering that he desevers first he kills him ex partner lauren which i knew personally, but he also think he can kill someone else because they are a peadophile???, he’s a woman killer, and he should never be relesed!!!

  6. I knew Lee, I even went out with him a long while back. He was very shy and quiet but funny. I know he never killed that girl. I don’t believe it anyway. Don’t believe all you read in the papers. He’s not a monster at all. It astonishes me that people believe every word that they read in newspapers despite the stuff they will make up about just about anyone. I grew up with Lee living on the same estate. He had his scuffles, but then do did I. Doesn’t make me a killer.

  7. Each to their opinion,im stating mine.I personally didnt know lee foye,i knew of the name which i heard at work nearly every week and for not one good word said about him.As for a killer i realised that when police took me to see my daughter in the morgue and what ever human being capable of that id say they werent human monster more like it.I pray he never gets out and gets to harm or kill anyone else he doesnt deserve to see daylight again because my daughter never and to think the last face she saw was his its makes my skin crawl.

  8. The fact i’ll never see my sister again is hard enough, never mind listening to these insane comments, it’s not a newspaper that convicts someone, it’s a judge and jury. so as far as ‘don’t listen to the newspapers’ goes, all they do is publish a story, Lauren was never foye’s partner, his name doesn’t deserve a capital letter. i’ll call him it. because that’s what he is. no more human than the chair i’m sitting on. an IT.
     Lauren was never it’s partner. Lauren had a boyfriend at the time. She never had any association relationship-wise with IT. Basing someones ability on murder to politeness is insanity. i’m sure many horrible people in the past have been ‘polite’ to the people they want to destroy at times, Adolf Hitler?!
    my mother will never see her child again, but it’s okay, because he was polite? do me a favour!
     associates of him look at you, can barely word a sentence, it’s the words that contain the most stupidity, however.
    Removing a mother from her children because you can’t get enough testosterone in your veins, makes you feel big, strong!what’s strong about hitting a woman in the first place, never mind a fatal death. I feel sorry for you, i hope you never have to experience any hurt nor pain in your life, because your mentality clearly isn’t suited to anyone who has hurt or experienced pain in the past.You wake up in the morning, log onto a website and write a mindless comment, forget about it, gone. Back to your family.Imagine it was someone in your family. Would you like to read that somebody on the internet said it’s not true, for any reasons, nevermind, because he was polite?! the fact anybody would insult my sister like that,clearly lacking braincells and a conscience and the exact reason you were associates with him in the first place. 
    You don’t have to experience the absence. As we do every single day, it gets harder and harder to believe, despite this disgrace to humanity comments.

  9. Lee foye is an absolute monster that murdered one of my best friends!!! infront of her baby boy!!!! Alrite guy????? you having a laugh?. Hes nothing but a bully and i hope he gets everything coming to him! Hes never been a nice person atall!. He used to walk up to the school me and lauren both attended to beat up the younger boys at the school!. far from ‘alrite’!!. He took away a mummy from a baby, a baby from her mummy, a sister, niece, aunt, cousin, friend from us and he robbed her of her whole future!. she was funny, sweet, would do anything for you, honest, beautiful person that is so so missed by everyone she touched. Laurens injurys were definatley not from someone who was a monsterous animal!

  10. Helen, James moss n fj are spot on, I did associate withhim from time to time but once he admitted to me in woodhill that he did do it, well it made me sick n I wanted to pop his water filled fake body there n then wiv my made up shank but I kept bottling it at the last minute n that wasn’t coz I was scared of the sted head but I just didn’t want any extra time as I was already doing a long time n nobs like him ain’t worth me spending an extra day let alone a lifetime so I wud jus like to say sorry to Lauren n family for not putting a stop to his mindless heart n for yous to then have to relive that dreadful time weneva yous read a paper or internet, foye is now in rampton hospital(looney Butlins)n he don’t give a fuck what he DONE, give Laurens family a break from this shit, I don’t know them but it’s the least we can do isn’t it, come on LW n Kat b1, yous can’t b talking about the same lee foye who admitted it to me in July 2006 in woodhill down the segregation(naughtyboy wing), if yous are well, not wasting anymore time on yous, peace to Lauren n family, David S


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